11 Ways To Get Rid of Your Beer Belly Fast

Obesity is skyrocketing in the world at an alarming rate and more and more people are getting overly concerned about their weight and health. Every year, one of the most popular resolutions people make is how to get rid of their beer belly fast and lose weight. In our modern society, a lot of us are leading sedentary lifestyles like sitting too much in front of the computer and tv, playing video games for hours, taking the car instead of walking for short distances, not undertaking any exercise or sports activity and eating too many fast foods and junk foods. As a result, many people are becoming overweight and obese and getting the dreaded, ugly and stubborn beer belly is inevitable. Here are 11 ways to get rid of your beer belly fast:

(1) First and foremost, if you want to burn belly fat, you need to exercise. There is no healthier shortcut than this. No pain no gain should be your motto. Start an exercise activity like running, cycling, aerobics or if you prefer sports, engage in one like swimming, football, basketball, volleyball and so on. The most important thing is get moving and get your butt off the couch to burn off those excess unwanted calories.

(2) Make proper food choices. If you're working hard to burn fat, you need to adopt a healthier nutrition plan if not, most of your efforts will be in vain. You should cut back on fast foods which are usually loaded with either too much salt, sugar or fats as these are not good for your waistline. Get the habit of doing your own groceries and cooking your own healthy homemade meals which are more nutritious and effective for weight loss. Focus more on complex carbohydrates, lean protein, legumes, vegetables, fruits, nuts and healthy fats as these foods are low in calories but nourishing and filling due to their valuable nutrients.

(3) Drink water. Water is an appetite suppressant and having a glass of water with every meal will ensure you don't overeat. Water is also vital for health and its functions include hydrating your body, cleansing your kidneys and preventing constipation. Constipation is bad for weight loss, so you better start drinking more water.

(4) Portion control. Forget the 3 big meals as overeating is usually common making you at risk of accumulating your fat stores. You need to control your food portions and the easiest way to do that is to eat more meals 4-6 but in smaller portions. Usually a fist-sized portion for each food category is enough. Eating small meals at regular intervals also turbocharge your metabolism and help you shed pounds faster.

(5) Eat less at night. Dinner is the time when you need less energy as you will be less active. Cut back on carbs and eat more protein, vegetables and healthy fats.

(6) Don't starve yourself. Excessive calorie restriction is nefarious for weight loss and only brings temporary results. Well it's not really results to be honest because you'll be mostly losing muscle mass. When your body doesn't get the required calories for energy, it will use your muscle tissues as fuel not your fat stores, hence explaining the loss of lean muscle tissues. By starving yourself, you won't burn belly fat. Proper food intake and exercise is what burn fat. The starvation diet is also unhealthy as it causes a drop in energy levels, mood swings and hunger pangs later on leading to a binge eating disorder. Your metabolism will also become sluggish making you more prone for fat storage. The end result is you'll gain more fat and weight.

(7) Select healthier cooking methods. If you're used to deep frying your food, it's time to change that bad habit. Deep frying adds extra unwanted calories to your food. Favor other alternatives like steaming, boiling, baking and stir frying.

(8) Get adequate sleep. Sleep is vital for anyone. If you don't have enough rest, you'll be moody, irritable and easily fatigued. Your metabolism will take a hit as well making you more likely to increase your adipose tissue(fat storage cells).

(9) Lift weights. Pumping iron builds muscle, rev up your fat burning metabolism which in turn burns more belly fat. Weights are not only for bodybuilders and athletes but for weight loss adherents too. Apart lifting weights, you can also perform bodyweight calisthenics like push-ups, pull-ups, dips and so on. Muscle building will definitely accelerate the weight loss process.

(10) Do intense cardio. Most of us are used to performing cardio at the same pace every time. It's time to change this methodology. Perform short bursts of intense cardio and vary the pace from fast, medium and slow. Repeat the process over and over for a couple of minutes. If you go to the gym, you can adopt this strategy on the treadmill, the stationary bike or the elliptical trainer. This strategy known as the high intensity interval training(HIIT) will increase your heart rate much more than the traditional cardio and will obliterate your belly fat well beyond the initial exercise. The reason is because it really sets your metabolism on fire and kicks your fat burning furnace into high gear. In addition, HIIT is less tedious and also don't use much of your time as compared to long hours of normal monotonous cardio.

(11) Stop focusing on abdominal workout. Ab workout is great for strengthening your stomach muscles but they won't do much to remove that layer of fat underneath your belly skin. The truth is spot reducing body fat is not feasible. To get rid of your beer belly fast, you need to decrease your overall body fat percentage and the best way to achieve that is to perform cardiovascular training like running, cycling, swimming etc...But it doesn't mean you should avoid abdominal exercises completely, you can include them as part of your bodyweight training exercises, just no need to do endless repeats and sets as it's a waste of time.

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