15 Ways To Curb Your Appetite Naturally To Lose Weight

In our modern society, many people tend to overeat and consume an excessive amount of calories resulting in high blood sugar levels. When your body can't use all that sugar as energy, any excess is metabolized into fat and the end result is weight gain. This is why the obesity epidemic is growing at a staggering rate. If only people can control their appetite and eat moderately, things would have been different. Here are a few ways to curb your appetite naturally to lose weight.

1. Eat more fiber.

Many people simply shy away from vegetables, but the truth is vegetables are natural appetite suppressants due to their high fiber content and other valuable nutrients. They foster a feeling of fullness and dampen hunger pangs due to their slow digestion. Here is a small list of fibrous veggies:

Artichoke Hearts
Bean Sprouts
Bell Peppers
Bok Choy
Brussels Sprouts
Collard Greens
Hearts of Palm
String Beans

Apart vegetables, fruits are also high in fiber and they curb your appetite. Here is a small list:


2. Eat more protein.

If you focus mostly on carbs, you won't feel totally satiated. You need protein as it makes you fuller. You should ensure your diet consists of at least 30-35% protein. During breakfast, don't hesitate to eat a few eggs, some greek yogurt or cottage cheese to fill in your protein quota. For lunch and dinner, you can eat chicken/turkey breast, fish or lean beef. Researchers have discovered that protein can actually trigger the release of an appetite suppressing hormone called Cholecystokinin.

3. Eat complex carbs.

Ditch simple carbs and eat complex carbs. Complex carbs are more filling and naturally suppress your appetite. The great thing about complex carbs is you don't need to eat a lot to satisfy your hunger and they help sustain stable blood glucose/sugar levels due to their slow digestion making you less prone to snacking. Complex carbs include oats, oat bran, sweet potatoes, yams, brown rice, kidney beans, lentils, wholegrain bread and wholewheat pasta.

4. Eat healthy fats.

Your nutrition won't be complete without the addition of healthy fats which your body needs for optimum bodily functions. Sources of healthy fats include olive oil, almonds, walnuts, flax seeds, fish oil, wild salmon, sardines, herring, tuna, trout. These foods are abundant in omega-3 monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats and these can actually promote a sense of fullness, hence curbing your appetite.

5. Drink more water.

Water is a natural appetite suppressant and it has been proven that an intake of 250 ml of water before each meal helps decrease appetite making you eat less.

6. Eat 4-6 small meals every 2-3 hours.

This eating methodology has been used by bodybuilders and athletes for ages because it works for building muscle and keeping your metabolism active. Nowadays, weight loss adherents are also finding this eating strategy effective. One major reason is because eating 4-6 small meals every 2-3 hours curbs your appetite naturally by maintaining stable blood sugar levels and decreases food cravings and unhealthy snacking in between meals.

7. Get adequate sleep.

Sleep is crucial to maintain optimal health. Lack of sleep can trigger the release of appetite inducing hormone Ghlerin making you prone to eat more. Try getting 7-8 hours of quality sleep every night to counteract this effect and increase your appetite suppressing hormone Leptin instead.

8. Take time to relax.

Life is not only about work. Take some time to relax and pamper yourself every now and then to free yourself from stress. Stress triggers the release of a hormone called Cortisol which stimulates appetite and gives you sugar cravings.

9. Have a glass of milk pre-bed.

If you get hungry just before sleeping, it's not a good sign as you don't want to ingest many calories just before sleeping. To curb your appetite, simply have a glass of warm skim/low-fat milk. Milk provides a feeling of satiety and also aids sleep due to the enzyme tryptophan.

10. Avoid artificial sweeteners.

Artificial sweeteners are bad because they can increase your appetite and cravings by tricking your brain. Examples include Splenda/Sucralose, Nutrasweet and Acesulfame Potassium. Choose natural sweeteners like Stevia, unrefined brown sugar, cane sugar, maple syrup and honey instead.

11. Avoid MSG.

MSG also known as Monosodium Glutamate is a food additive and flavor enhancer used in many foods and dishes to make them palatable. MSG is a neurotoxin and can actually boost your appetite by exciting your brain cells or neurons.

12. Eat dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate can suppress appetite due to its bitter taste and can stave off sugar cravings. Ensure your chocolate contains at least 70% cocoa.

13. Use cayenne pepper.

Cayenne pepper is a hot chili pepper and contains an alkaloid called capsaicin and this compound can actually decrease appetite and increase satiety. Use hot sauce having cayenne pepper for convenience.

14. Add spices to your meals.

Spices are a storehouse of nutrients which can curb your appetite naturally and help keep sugar cravings at bay by decreasing blood sugar levels. Here is a list of spices which you can use - ginger, cinnamon, cloves, garlic, onion, cumin, turmeric, cardamom, saffron, black pepper, paprika.

15. Chew gum.

It might sound simple as that but research has shown that chewing gum can actually suppress your appetite and combat food cravings.

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