Anorexia Nervosa Treatment

Anorexia nervosa is a psychiatric diagnosis that defines an eating condition characterized by depressed body weight and body image delusion. Patients with anorexia often control body weight by deliberate starvation, purging, vomiting, excessive exercise, or other weight control measures, such as diet pills orpurgative drugs. Anorexia nervosa primarily affects young adolescent girls and has one of the highest fatality rates of any psychiatric condition, with approximately 10% of people labeled with the condition eventually passing away due to related factors. Anorexia nervosa treatment is imperative in individuals, especially young adults due to the compromised thought processes of many individuals suffering from this disease. The suicide rate of people with anorexia is also surpassing that of the general population and is thought to be the major cause of death for those with this condition.

Anorexia nervosa is a multifaceted condition, involving psychological, neurobiological, physiological and sociological pieces. Anorexia nervosa is the scientific name for the disorder but is often shortened to just anorexia for layman terms of understanding. Anorexia is a relentless disease and can hurt more than just the person who has the disease. Studies have suggested that less than one-half recover completely, one-third improve, and 20% stay chronically unwell. Active treatment with participation of all parties, particularly the family involved is needed to increase the odds of success with treatment attempts.

The initial line of treatment for anorexia is usually focused on urgent weight gain, especially with those who have particularly significant conditions that require hospitalization. In particularly serious cases, this may be done under a mandatory hospital treatment, but in the greatest number of cases, however, people with anorexia are treated as outpatients, with input from physicians, psychiatrists, clinical psychologists and other mental health professionals. Close follow up of the patient is needed for treatment plans to succeed on outpatient basis as well as supportive family members to help monitor mental status, daily eating habits, and one-on-one encouragement.

Drug treatments, such as antidepressant medications, have not been found to be generally good for either treating anorexia or preventing relapse although there is a lack of adequate research in this area. It is common, however, for antidepressants to be prescribed, often with the intent of trying to treat the associated anxiety and depression. Anorexia nervosa treatment may need to be administered several times, but indeed it is worth the time and energy to help your loved one win in a literal battle for their life.

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