Anorexia Weight Loss

Anorexia is a disease that affects a person both mentally and physically. This is a disease process that should be taken very seriously and monitored by a physician along with obtaining close follow up. This disease process has a high prevalence in teenage to young adult females. Anorexia weight loss issues in the past had mainly stayed under the radar but with the increasing popularity of waif models and ultra-thin teen personalities like Nichole Ritchie, Mary Kate and Ashley and supermodel Kate Moss, the issue has come into the spotlight as impressionable young adult females are seeking to emulate their idols.

Body image issues begin early with girls. Society places a premium on being thin and young. Being overweight or labeled as "fat" can cause a teenager to be ostracized by classmates or shunned from the popular cliques which are essential for survival in the middle school and high school environments. Being labeled as fat, can cause obsessive behavior with food and weight and unhealthy methods of weight loss and caloric intake can be developed as a result.

The treatment for anorexia begins with a general physician. By getting a baseline of normal weight, a physician can determine what an individual's healthy weight is and a plan can be formulated in order to maintain weight or lose weight safely depending on how much a person weighs at the time of physician visit. The second arm of treatment would be a mental health professional. This mental health professional can help reshape a healthy body image through therapy sessions and long term support.

The signs of anorexia include low body weight, preoccupation with using the scale to measure weight, excessive calorie counting, and even conversations that are focused on weight. Physical activities like jogging, high energy workouts and bingeing on high calorie foods and inducing vomiting are also things to watch for.

Anorexia induces irregular periods in women who approach low body weight and can lead to infertility in those wishing to bear children. Proper caloric intake is essential in order for the body to function and maintain monthly menstrual cycles. Other signs of anorexia can include heart issues, low blood pressure, hair loss, stomach aches, heartburn, constipation, and constant feeling cold.

Anorexia weight loss issues are important topics to be aware of. If you are a parent, always express the importance of good nutrition and exercise to maintain optimum health. Having a balance between good nutrition and occasional snacks at home will allow your daughter to become familiar with eating in moderation and knowing which foods are best to maintain proper weight.

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