Why are bananas good for weight loss?

What may come as a surprise to many is the fact that bananas are now considered as an acclaimed food for weight loss. One of the most nutritious gifts of nature, banana is a natural food, experts say, which promotes weight loss. Eat it as a breakfast fruit, grab it as a snack or add it to your dessert - it can conveniently help your weight to plummet down several pounds.
Now let us discuss why are bananas good for weight loss. Several reasons can be attributed to it and some are listed for your reference-

Low in Calories

Bananas, although containing high levels of Vitamin B6, Magnesium and Potassium, are remarkably low in calories. An average ripe banana contains approx. 100 calories and if you are consuming a 2000 Calorie diet on a regular basis, you can afford to eat a number of them without crossing your allowance. One banana has less than ½ gram of fat and so you can have it without guilt.


Fibrous food, as we all know are good for losing weight and banana contains a high amount of dietary fiber (4gm for each serving), resistant starch and pectin. Since it keeps you fuller for longer, you are less likely to feel ravenously hungry during the day. It stops you from overeating and hence helps to cut the pounds out. It is also an excellent dessert substitution for those having a sweet tooth.

Morning Banana diet

The morning banana diet is extremely popular with the Japanese and they vouch for it. In this diet, your morning food should consist of only bananas and room temperature water followed by almost anything that you would prefer to eat during the day. Experts are of the opinion that rapid weight loss can be experienced in this diet and dieters who have tried it agree completely with them.

Dieters, in most cases, like to stay away from bananas because of their high carbohydrate content. But something that most of us do not know is that, this carbohydrate is a specific insoluble type, known as "resistant starch". This is a known item in the dieters' circle that has been acclaimed with weight management attributes and is endowed with the capacity to accelerate fat burning ability in the body. Additionally bananas are rich in enzymes that help to aid digestion resulting in a boost in the metabolic rate. Eating bananas in moderation can therefore help one to lose weight naturally, fast and smooth.

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