Are Eggs Bad For Your Heart?

Folks, don't believe everything you read. There are also proven scientific studies which show that eggs are good for you. There are stories which also show people eating eggs on a regular basis live till 90 and above. A big misconception about eggs is the cholesterol and artery clogging. The cholesterol found in eggs is known as dietary cholesterol which is good cholesterol(HDL). Good cholesterol doesn't clog your arteries. It's bad cholesterol(LDL) known as saturated fats which clogs your arteries. Unfortunately not many people realize this, hence the commonly asked question "Are eggs bad for your heart?" which leads to a lot of debate and discussion. In this article, am going to give you some insight what you should really know about eggs to clear your doubts once and for all.

An egg depending on the size has on average 250-300 mg of dietary or good cholesterol but only a mere 1.3-1.5 grams of saturated fat(bad cholesterol) found in the egg yolk which is not a lot. Saturated fat is the culprit for raising bad cholesterol levels(LDL) and should be limited. But to say that eating 1 egg a day will clog your arteries with serious heart disease issues, heart attack or stroke after some time is pure crap. In fact you can safely eat 1 egg everyday. The 3 eggs per week is just a big myth. Why not 4, 5 or 6? Do you think you aren't getting saturated fat from eating other foods like chicken, beef, pork and even processed carbs like biscuits etc...? Biscuits even have saturated fats in the ingredients list. Heck you are getting. Most of the things you buy at supermarket have saturated fats in them without you knowing.

It's pathetic that eggs have gotten such a bad rap due to the egg yolk. Throwing the egg yolk is like throwing all the valuable nutrients found in the egg. The egg yolk has choline, lutein and zeaxanthin and these are carotenoids and antioxidants which can help the brain, eyes and prevent macular degeneration like cataract.

It's best to go for free range or organic eggs from chickens raised in open air as compared to eggs from chickens raised in the battery. The eggs are better quality for the former. And as everything is life, moderation is key, if you eat 5-10 whole eggs everyday, then it's not recommended at all as the saturated fats will add up. Also it depends how physically active you are in life, like exercising and what other foods you eat as well because a balanced diet and regular exercise overall makes a good health. If a person is actively lifting weights and train 3-5 times per week and also doing cardio like running etc..., he can easily eat 2-3 eggs everyday without problem because he is burning calories and fat. He gets protein from the eggs for his exercise as well.

Eggs are known as superfoods as they are cheap but highly nutritious. Instead of worrying about that little guy, you better start getting more physically active and eating a balanced diet incorporating eggs as well. I have to laugh at comparing eating eggs to smoking cigarettes. How can you compare something toxic like cigarette containing nicotine to a natural food like egg? That scientist really has some issues with eggs for I dunno what reasons.

P.S. For your info, clogged arteries and heart disease can also be genetics.

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