Are fast foods to blame for obesity?

Children, teenagers and adults of all ages are now becoming victims of obesity. The obesity rates in children have alarmingly increased over the past couple of years. While there may be many other reasons contributing to it, one of the major reasons is an unhealthy diet. There are many fast food chains that are serving extra large burgers, extra serving of fries, deep fried chicken and buckets of soda at absolutely low price. While parents must educate the children on avoiding such high calorie food, they should also monitor their diet continuously.

The fast food chains need not be blamed all the time. However, there also lies a social responsibility on these chains to ensure that they provide good food that can foster the health of their customers. On the contrary people who are eating this kind of high calorie food must be educated about the ill-effects of those contents on the body. Nutritional information has to be provided to the consumers so that they are aware of how many calories they are taking. Over the past people have become addicted to this kind of food and now they are unable to come out of that addiction.

We have the ability to make rational choices and improve our eating habits. However, we are preconditioned to consume fatty foods which are easily available at highly affordable prices. Burgers, fast foods, fries, pizzas, pastas and many more if eaten occasionally can help us enjoy that food. If taken regularly they would lead to ill-effects. The entire blame cannot be on the fast food companies because they are supplying food that we are demanding from them. Once we limit those demands, there is no one to blame. At the end of the day it is our choice what kind of food we want to eat.

Many individuals have started to maintain a healthy lifestyle by incorporating workouts and exercises in their daily regime. If we know how many calories are going into our body and how many are being shed, we can manage our body. It is also a fact that the fast food chains are now easily accessible. They are now setting up small stalls everywhere and even in the workplaces. The entire irony is that good food is priced high and fast foods are available at much cheaper rates than ever. And in all ways fast foods are more tempting than nutritious food.

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