Are Green Beans Good For Weight Loss?

Like someone said, losing weight is a skill and you have to find your own way of doing it. There's no point thinking about your friend who could lose weight within days while you couldn't. Everyone has their own metabolism that affects weight loss and a lot depends on your diet as well. Going on a crash diet to lose weight like your friend did is not a healthy way of doing it. In fact you can see better results by making small changes in your regular diet and adding health substitutes like green beans to it.

If you have been trying to get advice from as many friends, colleagues and family members as possible it's only natural that you feel confused about the right way to go about it. Are green beans good for weight loss, should be your first question, and rightly so. And the simple answer to that is a resounding yes. Green beans have shown proven benefits for dieters who are keen on losing weight and that's because 100 grams of green beans have only 34 calories in them. Yes, it's astonishing especially since green beans don't lack in essential nutrients required for your body.

By adding green beans to your regular diet you will make sure that your body will get the necessary supply of Vitamin A, C, PP and group B besides minerals like iron, which are vital for the normal functioning of your body. Green beans pods are rich in fiber, which has many health benefits as well. Besides, like all other legumes, green beans are filled with vegetarian protein that complements your diet beautifully. It is often a grouse of vegetarians that they do not have enough sources of proteins. Now you've got one in the form of green beans, which should be incorporated in your diet instantly.

While eating raw green beans might not be ideal you can cook them in practically every other way and get its rich benefits, while you lose weight at the same time. They can be boiled, steamed, baked, poached or stewed and added to some delicious recipes to keep your diet interesting and healthy too. You can use them in a salad or a soup, which you can have everyday if you are keen on losing weight. Once you add green beans to your weight loss diet plan and start seeing results there will be no looking back.

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