Are mushrooms good for weight loss?

Modern day research conducted on varied food products and health foods have popped up with a list of some super foods which are not only storehouses of excellent nutritional goodness but have medicinal properties stored in them as well. Mushroom is such a food which has fantastic cancer fighting attributes and excellent immunity boosting properties. Food experts believe that including mushroom in your daily meal plan can help you to make it dense in nutritional benefits and also stave off a number of life-threatening diseases in the process.

But are mushrooms good for weight loss? This is a question which is flung by weight watchers worldwide and the answer to this is always a "YES". A botanical delight of nature, mushrooms can not only pass on abundant health benefits when consumed but also play a big role in bringing forth weight loss in humans.

Nutritional information

One Cup of (white) Mushroom (raw) contains 15 calories, is low in sodium/fat, high in Potassium (12% of RDA), Vitamin B-complex and contains more than 20% of RDA for folate, niacin, riboflavin and pantothenic acid, based on a diet plan of 2000 Calories.

How are mushrooms good for weight loss?

· Dieting and losing weight is all about calorie intake and burning. Mushrooms contain negligible amount of calories and can therefore be a healthy inclusion in any weight loss diet plan.

· Almost 80-90% of mushrooms contain water and hence consuming mushrooms can keep you fuller for longer without filling up your system with calorie laden foods.

· Many a time, dieting takes a toll on nutrition, and dieters, in a bid to wipe off calories from their food platter end up wiping off important nutrients from their food plan as well. Keeping nutrition at optimal level is a big challenge that most weight watchers face and mushroom can single handedly manage this responsibility if consumed on a regular basis. It is so rich in beneficial nutrients, that when you include it into your daily meal plan, you can fulfill your daily nutritional requirement to big limits.

How to eat mushrooms

Herein lies the key to weight loss. Mushroom has a very porous skin and hence, if you cook it in a lot of oil, can actually add to your waistline rather than trimming it. Grilling, boiling, steaming and stir frying are the best cooking methods that you can adopt while stirring up mushroom delicacies for weight loss.

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