Are oranges good for weight loss?

Fruits have always topped the chart of weight loss foods and are still looked upon as an asset by dieters. Increased consumption of some specific fruits has consistently yielded good results of weight loss for all groups of weight watchers. While sweet fruits most of the times have been blamed as calorie laden and often excluded from the list, oranges have always been an all-time favorite with dieters as an aid for weight loss. Why are oranges good for weight loss? While a number of reasons can be attributed to this, it is essential to remember that for losing weight, oranges need to be consumed in their whole state and raw.

Different diet plans have come up with time, professing weight loss results that are guaranteed. Experts however suggest that to lose weight in a healthy way, rather than buying expensive diet substitutes it is much better to shun calorie laden foods from the diet and include nutrient-rich food like oranges.

How are oranges good for weight loss? Read on-

1) Weight loss is initiated when there is a calorie deficit in the body, i.e. you expend more calories than you intake - we all know that by now. Oranges contain a substantial amount of fiber and hence can keep the stomach fuller for a longer time. These fibers are stored in this power food in its tiny juicy sacks that are also popularly termed as pulp once the oranges are juiced out (this is why fruit juices are a strict no-no if you are aiming to lose weight as when juiced, the fruits lose almost all the fiber and it is only the fructose that reaches your system). The stomach cannot digest this fiber and neither can it absorb it. Additionally oranges also contain a good amount of water and nutrients. All these are enough to curb hunger and hence automatically there is a reduction in the craving for junk food. Result? You lose weight naturally.

2) Research has revealed that hunger pangs are initiated in the body when there is a micronutrient deficit in the body. By eating oranges you can supply adequate nutrients to your body and stave off the urge of overeating.

All experts who recommend the consumption of oranges for weight loss also suggest that you must necessarily avoid processed orange products and eat the fruit in its raw and natural state.

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