Are Strawberries good for weight loss?

Strawberries, one of the most popular berries in the world, are grown and harvested in parts of Asia, America, Europe and Australia. A yummy addition to any dessert, strawberry is a low-calorie dessert substitute in itself and is a storehouse of a number of nutritional benefits. They are possibly the best source of anthocyanins, phytonutrients and potent antioxidants - a unique combination which can offer the system protection from cell/tissue damage and inflammatory diseases.

This wonder berry, despite its sweet taste, contains relatively lesser calories (1 Cup of strawberries = 49 calories) and that is why has often been subjected to one query worldwide - Are Strawberries good for weight loss? Experts are of the opinion that strawberries do work overtime when embalming the system with nutrition and are a great food to pep up the metabolism and suppress appetite for sure. In fact, not only weight loss, strawberries aid in controlling blood sugar in the body as well.

Nutritional information

A cup of strawberries contain 49 calories, 3 grams of Fiber, loads of vitamin C, and a good amount of important minerals like magnesium, potassium and calcium.

Naturally red, sweet and juicy, strawberries are abundantly available in local fruit shops as well as big supermarkets and can be indulged in guiltlessly to satisfy the taste buds whenever there is a sweet craving to gratify. June is the peak season when these luscious berries appear in masses and can therefore be easily included in the summer weight loss diet plan for shedding the pounds quick and fast.

How are Strawberries good for weight loss?

· Strawberry is a known stimulant for metabolism and can readily boost its working capacity to a higher level, thus helping the body to burn more calories throughout the day.

· Strawberries, although naturally sweet, contain fewer calories than other sweet fruits. Eating a cup of strawberries can therefore satisfy your sweet craving immediately, pass on a feeling of satiety and fullness to the system and also suppress appetite in a large way.

· Strawberries can slacken the pace of digestion of starchy fares and thereby help in controlling the rise in the level of blood sugar that always trails along with the consumption of starchy food. This is why strawberries are very useful for Type 2 Diabetes patients.

However, you must eat strawberries sensibly when you want to lose weight. It is best not to pair it with cream or dessert. Fresh, red and plump strawberries, added to your daily bowl of cereal, smoothies, oatmeal or yogurt is the best way to have it.

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