Are sweet potatoes good for weight loss?

Sweet potatoes are not a common feature in meals though they have many useful components. They are very rarely used in dishes inspite of being available all throughout the year. One of the major benefits is that they aid weight loss. It is full of fiber which is good for the body and contains a lot of nutrients. Here are some of the benefits of sweet potatoes and how they complement weight loss:

· They contain carotenoids. These help in maintaining the blood sugar levels in the body and contain insulin resistance. Therefore, the cells in the body are more receptive to insulin, which subsequently aids in losing weight.

· They keep the stomach full for a longer time. This keeps the hunger pangs away and one will not feel the urge to eat unhealthy snacks.

· They are fat free.

· The fiber present in sweet potatoes is very healthy in maintaining a healthy body.

· They are also known to be low in glycemic index. This index determines the affects of carbohydrates on blood glucose levels. Therefore, they can be eaten by people who suffer from diabetes as well. This also controls weight gain.

· The nutritional value in sweet potatoes is high, thus helping is weight loss.

Sweet potatoes are often confused with yam. However, they are much thicker and their peel is more orange in color. The inside of sweet potatoes is moist and deep orange while the yam is dry in the inside and in yellow color. They can be eaten raw and are crunchy to taste. To cook them is very easy as all one will need to do is to boil them in water.

Listed below is the detailed nutritional value of one sweet potato:

1. Antioxidants - These substances destroy the free radicals in the body. If one is working out to lose weight, these can help in regaining the energy, thus aiding in weight loss.

2. Vitamin C - A sweet potato contains half of the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C.

3. Potassium - It has high potassium content.

4. Vitamin B6 - This component helps in preventing any heart diseases.

5. Fiber - The fiber in the potato makes one take a longer time to eat. Therefore, one will avoid eating more. It helps in regularizing the bowel movement, thus keeping up the metabolism rate. It also maintains cholesterol.

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