Are Whole Grains Good For Weight Loss?

Nowadays, many people with weight loss goals are shying away from carbs. "No carbs" is the answer if you ask them how do they plan to lose weight. But carbs are still important for our body to provide energy so it's not a good idea to totally exclude carbs. It's the simple and processed carbs which are not good like white bread, white rice, white pastas, bagels, biscuits, cakes. These are high glycemic index foods and will raise the blood sugar levels in your body quickly spiking your insulin levels and resulting in a crash later on. Consequently, your body is more prone to storing fat if you consume excessive simple carbs because it won't have enough time to use all the sugars or glucose as energy. Hence, the rest is more likely to get stored as fat tissues. So if your goal is weight loss, these type of carbs should be avoided or limited.

On the other hand, there are complex carbs, usually, these can be found from whole grains. Whole grains are foods which haven't been processed. Hence they haven't been stripped from their valuable nutrients like fibers and minerals which make them a great weight loss superfood. Brown rice, whole grain pasta, whole grain bread, whole grain oats, oat bran are all whole grains. It's important to verify the label, if you see "whole grain", "100% wholegrain", it's usually your best bet. So if your question is "are whole grains good for weight loss?", you bet they are. Here are several benefits of whole grains:

(1) Since whole grains are high in fiber and low glycemic index foods, they are slow-digesting, provide energy gradually and doesn't wreak havoc on your blood sugar and insulin levels making you less prone for fat storage.

(2) Whole grains are filling, nutritious and nourishing and can keep you full for several hours, so no need to snack here and there or eating junk which isn't good for your waistline and weight loss goal.

(3) Whole grains are beneficial for your metabolism and enhances fat-burning.

(4) Whole grains can actively reduce cholesterol levels, prevent colon cancers, constipation and heart diseases and can also reduce your risk of obesity and diabetes.

One of the ways I like eating whole grains is during breakfast, my favorite is a big bowl of 100% wholegrain oats cooked and mixed with some low-fat milk, a spoonful of honey and some sliced bananas. In addition, I have 2 boiled eggs. This breakfast is very filling and can keep me full for quite a long time.

Don't be afraid to eat carbs even if you're on a weight loss regimen, get the right ones and whole grains should be in your grocery list every time.


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