Belly Fat Weight Loss

Have you found yourself looking in the mirror not liking what you see? Chances are, if you are over 40 years old and you are male or female, there is a change in how you put on weight. The addition of belly fat has now entered into the equation of reasons why you hate looking in the mirror. The gut or muffin top dough can not only be unsightly but has some serious consequences. If you can associate with this condition, then finding belly fat weight loss methods to reduce the waistline are very important for future health. Let's discuss some of the risks involved with inflated stomach girth.

The following disease processes have been associated with belly fat: Type 2 diabetes, stroke, heart disease, insulin resistance, high triglycerides, sleep apnea, metabolic syndrome, some cancers, and low LDL levels. Type 2 diabetes is one of the major diseases killing Americans to date. About 23.6 million people in America are suffering with this disease according to Dr. Oz, a physician made famous by Oprah Winfrey. Diabetes is a lifelong disease that can be reversed by getting rid of belly fat. A diet full of sugar forces the body to create more insulin to try to create a balance of levels of insulin and sugars in the body. The sugars are converted to fat and stored in the stomach area when too much sugar is available in the diet. This is why we say less belly fat can reverse the effects of diabetes because eliminating the belly fat essentially halts the creation of fat cells for storage.

Belly fat can cause sleep apnea, which is a disorder of the respiratory system created when the airway is obstructed by extra tissues surrounding the windpipe and nasal structures as a result of being obese. The tongue in an individual who is of proper weight, has room in the mouth to position itself properly while sleeping, especially while lying on the back. There is room for the tongue to lie in the mouth in a comfortable position as well as allow airflow through the windpipe. In a person who is overweight, the extra tissues in the mouth and throat act as an obstruction and contribute to snoring and periods of time when breathing stops, which is technically called apnea, the interruption of the breathing cycle during sleep by periods of breath cessation. Who knew that belly fat could even control the way you breathe?

A belly fat weight loss program can be a great tool to help individuals facing complications like sleep apnea and diabetes as a result of extra belly fat. Getting control of your health is the best thing you can do.

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