Bulimia Weight Loss

Food is a must for people that walk on this earth. If we don't eat, we can die. We all have our favorite foods that are called comfort foods. We go to these foods when we are happy, stressed, or celebrating great moments in our lives. Food is always there in happy times and bad times and has become a way in society to show love and celebrate. What if food became the enemy? What if food caused you to be at risk for your life? People who suffer from bulimia are always hungry but have resorted to purging to get rid of the food they have consumed. Bulimia weight loss methods can be dangerous and those who suffer from bulimia should be identified and treated as a matter of great importance.

The crazy part about bulimia is that food itself, not matter how nutritious can be dangerous if eaten in mass quantities. It has been found that bulimics can sit down and pack their stomach full of food to almost stomach busting capacity and then rid themselves of all the food by vomiting. What they do not realize, is that over time, the stomach acid erodes the esophagus and creates a dangerous situation where internal bleeding can occur and death can occur at any time food is consumed. Stomach ulcers are also an issue as well. When mass quantities of food are consumed, more stomach acid is produced and this means that the stomach which is used to only small amounts of acid from regular eating patterns is overwhelmed. Just like the esophagus, the stomach is worn away and sores are created on the stomach. Eating at some point will become painful and the bulimic will experience unpleasant effects every time a meal is consumed.

Getting treatment quickly for bulimia weight loss addiction is imperative. It may even mean that this person has to be involuntarily admitted to a facility for their own protection. Once in a facility, proper treatment can be administered in the form of mental counseling and nutrition counseling. During mental counseling sessions, the mind must be remodeled to view food as a source of health that can be controlled. Getting that sense of control over food will be key in beginning to eat meals on a more scheduled and portioned basis. The second component will be nutrition counseling. The patient will be taught what regular portions look like and how to gauge what foods are nutritious and how to eat in moderation.

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