Can drinking coffee make you lose weight?

Coffee is no fad drink which has reared its head as a weight loss aid in recent times. It is a beverage which has been and is still enjoyed by people all over the world as a popular and invigorating swig and a cuppa is something that many cannot think of starting their days without. Some drinkers enjoy the stimulating and re-energizing effect that caffeine brings with every cup and some just love to punch their socializing sprees with cups of hot, steaming and frothy coffee. Espresso, Latte or Cappuccino, coffee wins hands down amongst the most popular beverages in the world. But can drinking coffee make you lose weight? Food experts and columnists are of the opinion that yes, it can, but only if you drink it the right way.

Any coffee drinker is accustomed to never ending debates about whether caffeine is good or bad for health. Latest researches however assert that a few cups of coffee a day is not only re-energizing and stimulating for the system, but can also act as a weight loss aid if you don't top it with loads of cream and sugar.

How can drinking coffee make you lose weight?

If you want to lose weight with coffee, de-caffeinated coffee is not going to work for you. Concentrated espresso might be the best choice. Why? This is because, espresso has got high levels of caffeine in it - and this is exactly what you need to lose weight. Caffeine from coffee is a super stimulant, which when ingested, makes your body release catecholamine. The burst of energy that is experienced post coffee drinking is actually brought forth by using the stored body fat as fuel. Result? Incredible weight loss!

Caffeine accelerates the speed of metabolism and helps one lose weight even when the body rests.

Coffee is also a good appetite suppressant and keeps hunger at bay.

Things you should know

· When you are trying to lose weight with coffee, you must make sure that your coffee is not loaded with cream, sugar and condiments. Drinking calorie laden Café Lattes can never help you to shed pounds.

· Drinking a shot of coffee prior to hitting the gym can help increase your muscle strength and endurance and help you burn more fat through a high intensity workout.

· If coffee is not your cup of tea, you can try out caffeine pills to enjoy the same weight loss effects.

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