Can French fries make you fat?

Many of us get an instant high, just by looking at a plate of freshly made and salted French fries. French fries are one of the most easily available and handy snacks - one can whip up salted French fries in a jiffy while entertaining a crowd at their place, or hosting a party, as French fries are the favorites for people of any age group, from toddlers to elders. However, people very less often pay any attention to the nutrition basics when it comes to French fries, as these are believed to be ridden with flattering amounts of calories, trans-fat content and acids which are not all that good for one's health. It is a fact that the smallest serving size of salted French fries contain around 130 calories, and an extra large order of the same can make you consume around 300 calories at one go.

Most die-hard fans of French fries often ask the question - Can French fries make you fat? The most obvious answer is a scientifically proven and statistically confirmed 'yes'. Of course, there are newer theories and study results which tout that French fries do not lead to obesity and can thus be a healthy snack option, which is not yet totally believed by the experts and the experienced nutritionists. However, most nutritionists do agree with the possibility of the French fries not being a direct contributor towards extra calories, especially if a person has an exceptionally fast metabolism function which leads to burning of all the consumed calories, thus preventing the storage of fat in the body cells. Even then, one cannot avoid the 'extra baggage' which comes along with the regular intake of fried foods like the French fries, in the form of increased cardiovascular risk, diabetes, stone formation in the kidneys, not to mention the irreparable hormonal imbalance that it causes.

This is if you are one of those people who find it comforting to pop in a few fries now and then, and even find the French fries to be reliever of stress and anxiety when you are severely depressed and down in the dumps, then you need to think again. Though the high salt content in the salted French fries does alleviate high stress levels and makes one feel good by causing the release of the Oxytocin or the 'feel- good' hormones, it can make one more addicted to the routine, hence leaving them more prone to depression and cardiovascular problems. Remember these problems associated with French fries, the next time when you ask yourself, "Can French fries make you fat?"

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