Can fruit juice make you fat?

Contrary to the belief that a glass of packaged fruit juice is very healthy for breakfast, there have been many experiments which have proved otherwise. When the fruits are made into juices, the skin and flesh are removed rendering them absolutely useless. The inclusion of preservatives is another vital feature which takes away any nutrition present in them. Therefore, the next time you visit a store and buy canned fruit juice, think twice.

Eating whole fruits can do a lot of good to your body because all the natural sugars are present in it and there are no additives whatsoever. In a glass of processed juice, there is as much sugar as in a can of soft drink. Because the fibers are removed during the production, the high amount of sugar that gets into the blood turns to fat and gets stored inside. If you drink juice that has been freshly squeezed from fruits, it is a much better option. However, in this process too, you will get only the sugars out of it and the dietary fibers are all left behind.

Fruit juice contains fructose, glucose and sucrose that can affect the liver and cause weight gain. Fructose has been in the news recently as being one of the main reasons for weight gain and is used in sodas and carbonated drinks. Therefore, any processed fruit juice contains the same amount of carbohydrates as in any other soda.

If you want to consume all the dietary fibers, natural sugar and nutrients present in any fruit, it is best to have it raw. The fibers will help in slowing down the production of sugar in the blood, thus reducing the chances of gaining weight. Some people feel that it is time consuming to peel and eat fruits and hence feel that having it from a bottle is the best alternative. However, this is not true. If you wish to consume the canned one, it can be done by washing the juice with lots of water. This way, the sugar content is diluted and your body is well hydrated.

So, the next time you have any meal in your home or in a hotel, skip any juices and go for a portion of fresh fruits instead. Apart from filling your stomach, they are good for your general health and even help you in weight control.

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