Can high fructose corn syrup make you fat?

High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is one kind of a sweetener which is sweeter than normal sugar. Because of its low price, it is being used widely in the manufacture of carbonated drinks and in products which are baked. However, in the recent years, various experiments have been carried out which infer that HFCS causes people to gain weight.


HFCS is made up of fructose and glucose. In sucrose, which is the normal sugar which we use in our daily consumption, these two are equal in proportion. However, HFCS consists of 55% fructose and 45% glucose.

What is lipogenesis?

It is a method in which sugar is changed to body fat in our body. It has been observed in a study that this process is carried out at an increased rate when fructose is consumed. Glucose was replaced with 50% less amount of fructose and the results were astounding. Experiments were conducted on rats and healthy human beings. It was also revealed that if fructose was had at the beginning of the day, it had an effect on the food which was taken in the later part i.e., at lunch. The fats included in lunch were stored in an increased quantity than usual.

There are a lot of other food types like fruits which contain some fructose in them. However, they also comprise other nutrients, fiber, etc. in useful quantities which overlap the former. With more and more number of people becoming conscious of their health, it is advisable to avoid using high fructose corn syrup in their diets. When this substance is used in various food products, it is highly processed using many unhealthy elements. Therefore, it contributes even more in storing fat in our bodies.

Though it is not right to deduce that this is the only substance that leads to obesity in human beings, it contributes to the same in a considerable amount.

Healthy alternatives of HFCS

There are many healthy alternatives to HFCS which can be used such as honey or maple syrup. These can even replace the common table sugar. Including raw fruits in your diet can also be helpful as they contain sugar content which is very less and will also reduce the craving of having something sweet.

To sum it up, it is unhealthy to have high content corn syrup as it can increase your body fat.

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