Can I lose weight by eating one meal a day?

Effective weight loss has always been an enigma for many, as millions of people across the globe search for the right methods for shedding their extra pounds. More often than not, this leads them into following the incorrect and inappropriate methods of losing weight, like fad diets, yo-yo diets, excessive intake of supplements along with starvation. Inevitably, this makes them gain more weight than what they lost, not to mention the health complications and hormonal imbalance involved. The latest one to hit the minds of these weight loss aspirants is "One meal a day" plan, which claims to deliver wonderful results in the form of quick weight loss. This article is intended at dismissing such claims - "One meal a day" diet plan for weight loss is ineffective and does more harm to the body than any good.

One meal a day weight loss plan has been formulated and hyped by several self-proclaimed fitness and weight loss experts, who claim that a single meal in the entire day, preferably in the night, would aid in quick weight loss and make one stay healthy and fit for a long time to come. Some even claim that this plan helps in preventing ageing and keeps one glowing and young-looking forever. However, in reality the one meal a day weight loss plan is nothing but a sham, which might lead to quick weight loss initially, but a person would regain the lost weight and more soon enough.

Here is why "one meal a day" is not a recommended weight loss plan:

· One meal a day would essentially mean that the body would go into a starvation mode, thus burning lean muscle and holding onto body fat. Loss of lean muscle does lead to temporary weight loss, but to lose the fat content after that point becomes almost impossible.

· Loss of lean muscle and preservation of body fat leads to low metabolic activity, which means that most of the carbohydrate content in the consequent meal would be converted and stored as fat tissues, leading to further weight gain.

· Any person undertaking the "one meal a day" plan would face severe nutritional deficiency, no matter how protein-rich or fiber-rich the single meal is. Though some resort to taking protein and vitamin supplements, supplements can never replace the actual nutrition from the diet.

· "One-mealers" have a higher cardiovascular risk, owing to the high bad cholesterol accumulated in their body, making them prone to higher blood sugar levels in the morning, as compared to those who eat frequent and smaller meals.

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