Can I lose weight by lifting weights?

If you are one of those individuals who hit the gym everyday without a miss and indulge in tiresome workouts in order to burn fat and lose weight, and still are unable to achieve desired results, then you should probably check your exercise routine keenly. Many people, especially women, believe that aerobics exercises and cardio help one lose weight and that weight lifting exercises are only meant for those who wish to build a muscular body. The truth is quite to the contrary, as it is the muscle building exercises which really contribute towards the weight loss and buildup of lean muscles, as a pound of muscles burn up more calories than a pound of fat does. This does not mean that the weight loss aspirants should entirely neglect the cardio exercises, as cardio workouts contribute towards a healthy heart and metabolism. It is ideal to combine cardio exercises with weight lifting, also known as circuit weight training, so as to lose weight steadily, and keep the extra pounds off your body forever.

Circuit weight training works effectively for those who wish to lose weight by building muscles, as it aids to replace the fat tissues in the body, increases the metabolism rate so that the body burns calories even while resting, and makes one look slimmer as the lean muscles take lesser space than the fat tissues do. While lifting weights, one should start with low weights and high reps. It is ideal to start with weights which one can repeat 15 times, so that the latter instances become more challenging than the former ones. This serves to the buildup of muscles, and toning up the body, which results in consequent weight loss.

One can also undertake interval training, which includes high intensity workouts followed by smaller intervals of rest. The interval training can be of the measured mode, like 1 minute of high intensity exercises followed by 2 minutes of low intensity exercise repeated 15-30 times. One can choose to do exercises wherein the intervals are not measured - the basic idea remains the same, which is to burn more fat tissues in the high intensity exercises, and to allow the body to recover in the low intensity exercises.

Apart from the obvious weight loss, lifting weights also serve to strengthen bones and tissues, thus protecting them from damage in case of an injury. Just a word of caution - any weight loss would only be stable and permanent if it is slow and steady, as weight lost from quick methods always comes back.

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