Can I lose weight by walking on a treadmill?

The key to losing weight for sure is consistency. It is essential that you exercise regularly, whether it is weight lifting that you do, or walking on the treadmill. An exercise regimen that is too rigorous and stressful might lead to a burnout upon constant repetition, or one might get too tired of it soon and completely stop exercising altogether. Hence one should always choose an exercise schedule that can be done everyday consistently, wherein the difficulty levels increase gradually, so that their body can learn to keep up with it.

Good news - one can really lose weight by walking on a treadmill! One can choose from two modes of weight loss by walking on the treadmill - high intensity, fast paced walk for a short duration or long walk at low speeds. Walking at a fast pace for a short duration, say 10 minutes, slowing down for a while and going fast again works well for weight loss, if the same cycle is repeated at least 5 times a week for 30 minutes each time. If you cannot walk too fast, then choose to walk at low pace for a longer duration, say 45- 60 minutes, with appropriate intervals in between. Choose your own pace, but remember to stretch your muscles before and after a workout, and always begin at low paces in order to allow the body to warm up. It was found from several studies that it is safer to walk on an inclined level on a treadmill than at a zero inclination, as one tends to thump harder in order to put up with the pace of the treadmill. Walking at alternate inclined levels of 1- 15 degrees is best recommended for effective results.

Treadmill exercises offer everything it takes to be fit and healthy forever. It boosts up the heartbeat rate, improves the metabolic activity of the body, allowing for a healthy buildup of the lean muscle, thus burning up the accumulated fat in the body. One might not be able to see immediate results as otherwise promised with the fake and spurious weight loss pills and supplements, but the imminent weight loss would be steady and stable, and what is more, minus the involvement of unsafe medications and fad diets. A healthy diet and consistent treadmill exercise help one to lose weight in a healthy and safe manner, while also preventing them from cardiovascular risk, cancer, diabetes and other health problems.

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