Can you lose weight with colon hydrotherapy?

Colon hydrotherapy is now a common phenomenon seen amongst health conscious people, as well as athletes and bodybuilders. However, colon cleansing is also being embraced by a new category of people who aspire to achieve weight loss through this method. Though there is no scientific proof to the claim that colon cleansing methods lead to weight loss, experts do believe that a cleansed colon with a well planned diet regime with high fiber content will help in better absorption of vital nutrients and flushing out of toxins, which could lead to a healthy weight loss eventually.

Colon forms the longest part of the large intestine in the human body, wherein essential electrolytes and water are absorbed, and the remnant useless material like sludge and toxins is eliminated in the form of feces. The colon contains good bacteria, which helps in the absorption of the useful nutrients from the digested food. However, poor eating habits, erratic lifestyle and habits like smoking, alcohol consumption and usage of drugs and medications take a toll on the colon in the form of accumulation and hardening of useless sludge and toxins on its walls, as a response to the bad foods, artificial sweeteners, harmful fats, laxatives, preservatives etc. Though the buildup is the natural protection for the colon from the ill-effects of the unhealthy foods, it leads to unnatural swelling of the colon and poor absorption of the essential nutrients, resulting in health complications like liver problems, troubled breathing, back pain, sudden weight gain, foggy thinking, sinus or allergy, memory loss etc. While an average healthy colon should weigh up to only 2-3 lbs, a swollen colon can weigh up to 10- 15 lbs, which can be another reason behind the weight gain by most individuals.

There are several colon cleansing methods available for an individual, but colon hydrotherapy is considered to be the most effective and safe method, wherein water is introduced via the rectum to release the accumulated matter like the feces, mucus and sludge from the bowels with the help of special massage techniques. Colon hydrotherapy involves no medication or usage of laxatives, and hence is not habit forming. One may experience mild side effects like headache, urge to visit the washroom more often etc., which might cease once he or she gets used to it.

An important point to bear in mind is that while one may lose weight with the colon hydrotherapy, it will be only due to the loss of accumulated waste matter, and definitely not the fat tissues. However, a healthy diet, fiber intake and regular exercise after the colon hydrotherapy might yield effective results in the form of weight loss.

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