Do artificial sweeteners cause weight gain?

Are you planning to replace your table sugar with an artificial sweetener? You might be happy about losing weight and staying fit with the help of sugar alternatives but there is a different story behind it. Artificial sweeteners cause weight gain and you have many chances of becoming obese in a very short span of time. Abdominal fat is a common problem among many people and men especially develop belly fat and they look very awkward. In such cases, they are usually advised to cut down their carbohydrate intake and they need to put an end to eating sweets and other sugary foods. Excess abdominal fat can be very risky and people might be prone to cardiac arrests and diabetes. But for these problems, artificial sweeteners aren't a solution! They bring more trouble and increase your weight.

Artificial sweeteners usually fill the stomach with empty calories and you remain hungry no matter how much you eat everyday. As a result, your body craves for more food and you end up eating more food than required. If this cycle goes on for a few days, you will definitely see an increase in your weight. Pregnant women and children should stay away from these artificial sweeteners according to many health experts say. In pregnant women, the cravings for sugary foods and other things is quite common and everything they eat should be natural. Artificial sweeteners have an impact on the baby in the womb and they increase the chances of a preterm delivery. Moreover, the body of the pregnant woman cannot digest the regular sugars and the woman can become a diabetic patient too. That will make matters worse.

Other studies that were made on people consuming artificial sweeteners showed that sugar alternatives cause headaches, depression and nausea. All this is because the metabolism in the body is disturbed and the excess weight has an impact on the immune system too. It is advisable to watch out for foods that contain a decent amount of artificial sweeteners. Though traces of these sweeteners can be negligible, huge amounts must be avoided. These are found in packaged foods, carbonated drinks, jellies, candies, and yogurt and bakery items. If you find that the products are made of artificial sweeteners, stay away from them.

Try out other ways to cut down the excess weight and stay healthy. That's always better for you!

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