Do soft drinks make you fat?

Soft drinks make up a major part of our meals, thanks to their rich taste and numerous choices. The intake of these drinks has increased over the few years as the popularity of fast foods has reached a high. Our life styles coupled with the unhealthy food we eat has led to an increased number of people who are suffering from obesity. One of the factors is the consumption of soft drinks.

A recent survey has proved that more than 34 billion gallons of these drinks are consumed in a year. The main ingredients of a soft drink are water (88 to 93%) and sugar (7 to 12 %). The sugar contains a high level of high fructose corn syrup, also known as HFCS. This is used by almost all soft drink manufactures as it is cheap and is sweeter than the common table sugar.

What happens when HFCS is consumed?

Since children and teenagers are the ones that are lured the most to drink these, it results in higher chances of being overweight. Though its usability is the same as sugar, when it is inside the body, it increases the rate of breakup of sugar content. This causes a negative hormonal response and your cravings for sweets increases like never before.

HFCS is also an ingredient which makes the body organs to store fats in our body. There have been many tests conducted which have inferred that this many prove to a major reason of weight gain.

Another reason is that we cannot keep the drink in our mouth for a longer time because it is carbonated and as a result, the mouth does not get to send a message to the brain that you are eating. Therefore, we tend to eat more as we do not feel full.

A can of soft drink contains sugar that is equivalent to 9 teaspoons, which means calories. The human body processes the calories first because of the ease. The sugar is used first and when soft drinks are taken along with food, the resultant energy by breaking up the sugar is enough to leave the carbohydrates behind. These carbohydrates convert to fats.

Contrary to the belief, diet soft drinks are also not a healthy alternative. These also force us to eat more calorific food which in turn results in excess fat.

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