Does aspartame cause weight gain?

Artificial sweeteners are used by many carbonated beverages and jelly manufacturing companies. These products are consumed extensively by people across the world and soft drinks especially are very popular. They are a part of the diet and no meal ends without a carbonated beverage. Aspartame is the sweetener that is used regularly and it is used to replace the common table sugar. This artificial form of sugar is much sweeter than the original one and diabetics can use it as a substitute. But did you know that this sweetener causes a plethora of effects and can sometimes be fatal too?

Aspartame consists of methanol, aspartic acid and phenylalanine and these chemicals are said to affect the immune system and the damage is irreparable. A combination of these three components has proved to be highly dangerous and people are advised against the intake of the chemicals. Aspartame is used in making mints, carbonated drinks, jellies, yogurt, chewing gum and candy. Many studies also indicate that the intake of aspartame causes weight gain in people but it was found only in a few people. Other side effects like seizures, panic attacks, migraine, dizziness and memory loss are seen in people who take a lot of carbonated drinks. Though these effects are not seen immediately, they develop over a period of time.

Many people believe that Aspartame increases body metabolism and as a result it burns down many calories at once. This way they can reduce the excess flab in their body. The entire theory of cutting down weight with Aspartame is wrong and it is the other way round. This chemical induces hunger in a person and makes him eat more quantity of food. Excess intake of food automatically brings weight gain and people become obese. Though this has been observed in a very less number of people, the study is actually true and you are bound to put on weight with Aspartame.

The Food and Drugs Administration department knows about the ill effects of Aspartame but it hasn't banned products that contain this chemical, in the US. This has raised eye brows and many countries have banned all food items and drinks that are made of Aspartame. If you experience dizziness, seizures, insomnia, panic attacks, headaches and numbness in the body, stop taking foods containing Aspartame. Natural sugar is always good and running behind such artificial ones will always cause trouble.

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