Does beer make you fat?

Every teenager is bound to go through a phase in which drinking beer with friends becomes a regular phenomenon. It gives a relaxed effect to your mind and because of the alcohol content; you tend to get a bit high after drinking a few. In the olden days, drinking beer was considered healthy. Over the years, this opinion has changed. It is a fact that drinking too many beers can lead to gaining weight.

Occasional drinking may not cause harm, provided you are in the habit of working out regularly. On an average, 2 beers contain as much as 300 calories. This makes 2100 a week and when converted into pounds, you will gain as much as 30 pounds of fat in a year. The calories in beer do not contain any nutrients and hence, the drink cannot be consumed as often as every day. Moreover, the beverage has a history of making the most active people to be sluggish. This makes you not to take up any physical activities and consequently, gain weight.

Any alcoholic beverage consumption prevents the burning of fat in our body. When you consume the beverage, the fat metabolizes the alcohol. Once this happens, the fat is left as it is without being metabolized. 'Beer belly' is a very common sight in people who consume a lot of this drink. It is not a good sign as far as the general health is concerned and can lead to heart diseases in the future.

Many manufacturers of beers have come up with the concept of light beer. However, apart from a low calorie count, there is nothing good about it. If you have the inclination to drink one, the light beer is the best option. Another aspect is that when you drink beer in a bar, it is usually taken with oily food. This causes the most harm as most of the food served in such places are greasy and even you feel like having large quantities of the same.

To reiterate, beer may be had in very small quantities if you exercise regularly. Once in a week is acceptable if consumed in very limited quantity. However, if the craving can be substituted with a fruit of your choice, there is nothing better than that. Though there is no fat content in beer, it is the calories which should be avoided.

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