Does cod liver oil make you lose weight?

There are a lot of diet programs that are being marketed by various companies. But which ones actually do work? The best option that you have if you are looking to reduce your weight is by consuming fish oil. It would definitely help you in your mission to become thinner. The effects of the cod fish are different and better from regular fish oil products, and your grandmother was not joking when she recommended cod liver oil to you.

All the fish oil supplements are fat burning in nature and so they would help you in reducing all the excess fat. Cod liver oil, in particular is very useful helping you lose weight, in addition to promoting your general health. In olden days, cod liver oil was administered to those who were feeling weak and under the weather.

Cod liver oil contains a high measure of Omega-3 fatty acids ie EPA and DHA and also vitamins A and D which aid in weight loss. It works this way: According to an American survey on Clinical nutrition, it was stated that cod liver oil directly contributed to reduction in body fat, which ultimately helped achieve considerable weight loss.

To maintain the overall health of your body, you need to ensure that you have omega-3 fatty acids. But the human body does not have the capacity to generate these acids by itself. Therefore, when you consume fish oil, you would be able to help your body get the omega-3 fatty acids that it needs to function properly. In fact, when you consume cod liver oil, which is one of the most often recommended fish oils, you would not only be helping yourself in losing weight, but you would also help in reducing the blood pressure. It will also decrease the risk of a heart attack or a stroke and prevent any coronary heart diseases.

Cod liver oil is a formulation that is taken from the liver of the cod fish. It kills the fat cells, which in turn ensures that you lose weight. Another advantage is that they will make sure that the carbohydrates are broken down; thereby making sure that there is no chance of fat being stored. The omega-3 fatty acids in cod oil also ensure that there is a smooth flow of blood which would assist in making sure that you lose weight. But you should also ensure that you have a healthy and balanced diet. You should exercise regularly and drink plenty of water. Only if you do this, would you be able to ensure that you lose weight.

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