Does eating cheese make you fat?

One of the first few things that dieters cut off from their diet plans as soon as they embark on a diet for weight loss is cheese. All weight watchers feel that even a moderate sprinkle of cheese on a sandwich, burger or patty can turn their weight loss goal into a nightmare. But still, the fact remains that an average American consumes almost 31 lbs of cheese every year, making it one of the most consumed food items in US. And true enough, obesity is on a rise in America like never before and experts are of the opinion that it can take an even more alarming proportion, if not controlled in time. So the very first question that comes up in this regard is - Does eating cheese make you fat? A detailed study of this calorie laden feast can actually reveal the truth.

Nutritional food value of cheese

A clear assessment of the nutritional food value of cheese actually lays bare its fattening properties. Cheese comes in not one but many varieties and each one stores different attributes in its layers. For instance, Parmesan as well as Romano Cheese, which are actually the harder varieties of cheese, contain 110 calories/oz. Semi-hard cheese varieties like Cheddar or Provolone store 100-120 calories in every oz. and cheese types like Colby or Fontina, 2 most popular semi-soft cheese varieties, have a calorie reading that ranges somewhere between 100-110 calories/oz. The lowest density of calorie is found in Cream Cheese/ Feta Cheese (90 calories/oz.) and Mozzarella Cheese (72 calories/oz.).

All cheese varieties contain good amount of protein and both saturated/unsaturated fat. In fact, almost 60% of all kinds of cheese is pure saturated fat and when consumed regularly can surely add up to obesity in cheese lovers. Moreover, cheese contains high levels of sodium and this may mean your body retains water and bloats to undesirable proportions if eaten regularly.

The answer to the question that popped up at the beginning of our discussion - Does eating cheese make you fat? - can be both YES and NO. It is 'Yes', when you are addicted to cheese eating and eat it regularly in substantial quantities and 'No', when you enjoy your fare of cheese occasionally. But if you are a die-hard fan of cheese and need to garnish most of your meals with it, you can try out the low-calorie, fat free options that are available in almost all supermarkets to avoid putting on weight at a rapid rate.

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