Does Eating Rice Make You Fat?

Rice is one of the primary staple foods for many people around the world. People notably in asian countries consume rice on a daily basis. As obesity is soaring across the globe and nutrition is becoming a notable concern, some people are asking themselves does eating rice make you fat? Well let the truth be told and let's cut to the chase. You don't get fat automatically by eating a specific food. Usually it's eating too much of something which is the culprit for overweight and obesity issues. You should avoid large portions and eat in moderation per meal. Rice is no different. If you control your portion sizes, your body will be able to assimilate and manage the calories more efficiently making you less prone for adipose tissue which is the storage place for fatty deposits. Don't overeat. To be able to achieve that, when you eat, always eat about 3/4 of your capacity and not 100% full.

Rice is basically carbs and they provide energy for your daily activities since they are converted to glucose in your bloodstream which is then shuttled to your glycogen stores(energy storage cells). Glucose is blood sugar. If you eat quite a lot of rice in a single meal and your body can't process all the glucose for energy, the excess will get stored as fat. Eating excess calories make you fat and it's the same for any other type of food like bread, pasta etc... apart rice.

There are different types of rice like white rice and brown rice. White rice is usually more popular due to its taste. White rice has normally higher Glycemic Index(GI), hence the terms "simple carbs" are coined for them. High GI simply means the carbs are fast-digesting and are converted to glucose quicker for energy. White rice is predominantly popular for exercise enthusiasts post-workout when your body needs instant energy at this critical point in time. Hence, white rice provides a rapid release of energy for depleted glycogen stores to recharge your energy cells. So to completely omit white rice from your diet plan is not necessarily a good idea, well depending on your goals.

But the major problem with white rice is it's not very filling and you tend to overeat to feel satiated and this can lead to overweight issues with time. It's not uncommon to see people eating 2-3 big dishes of white rice. So if you want to lose weight quickly, it's better that you avoid or limit simple carbs and stick with complex carbs and whole grains.

For people with health issues like diabetes who are insulin-sensitive, white rice should preferably be avoided as it disturbs the hormone insulin which regulates the amount of glucose in your blood. Consequently, this results in a spike of your blood sugar levels and this can worsen an existing diabetes condition or making non-diabetic people more prone to contracting diabetes.

On the other hand, brown rice is "complex carbs" with a lower GI value and are preferred for health reasons as they are slow-digesting, more filling, don't raise glucose levels fast and are more nutrient-dense with high dietary fiber, magnesium, potassium, zinc, iron and vitamins like Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, Pantothenic acid, B6. In addition, it's better for people with weight loss diets and also for people with Type 2 diabetes. Also, you lessen the risk of contracting diabetes. Bodybuilders are also fond of eating brown rice usually accompanied with lean steak or skinless chicken breast and some vegetables like broccoli or asparagus.

Getting fat by eating rice whether white or brown has also to do with the condiments you add to your rice. If you usually eat fried rice which has a bit too much oil, of course the calories will add up because oil has fats and fats have more calories than carbs. Limit the oil intake. Your best bet is eating moderate portions of steamed white/brown rice along with some veggies and protein with a drizzle of olive oil. This is healthier and better for weight loss.

Next time you ask yourself "does eating rice make you fat?", refer back to this article and remove your doubts.

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