Does Glucosamine cause weight gain?

If there are chemicals and medicines which help in losing the weight, there are also certain medicines which show a few side effects when consumed. One among them is Glucosamine. It is one of the types of amino sugars which are present in human body. Glucosamine is a combination of Glucose sugar and a Glutamine Amino Acid. It is a very important substance to human bodies, which is also known as Glucosamine Sulfate, Glucosamine Hydrochloride and N-Acetyl Glucosamine.

Glucosamine is an important substance that helps in the repair of the damaged body tissues and cartilages which help in the proper working of the joints. The production of the Glucosamine in the human body slows down with the increase in age and the body fails to keep up with the stress and strain caused in the joints and lack of Glucosamine in the body leads to arthritis.

Since Glucosamine is made out of the Shellfish, it's better for those people who are allergic to Shellfish to avoid it. To add up on these, Glucosamine is even dangerous to pregnant women and if they breast feed their babies, Glucosamine should be avoided by them too. Not only the pregnant women but also people who have blood related disorders and those who suffer from diabetes also should avoid taking it. The reason for this is quite obvious as Glucosamine is the sugar which cannot be converted by the body and it affects the insulin levels in the body. Hence, it is always suggested that diabetics should avoid taking in this Glucose supplement to reduce the risk.

There are many other side effects of Glucosamine when taken in apart from those mentioned above. Glucosamine causes stomach ache, stomach upset and also diarrhea which are irregularly seen and are caused due to the excess intake of this supplement and taking in without consuming food. But there are also few benefits of Glucosamine as it is helpful in repairing the damaged connective tissues and stops the worsening of the Arthritis.

What you should know about this amino sugar is that, it is not responsible for causing weight gain in humans. It can affect the work of vital organs in the body but is not aimed at putting on weight. If you are still forced to take Glucosamine, always consult your doctor before doing so. He will guide about the frequency and the quantity.

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