Does olive oil make you fat?

This is a very common question flung by weight watchers all across the world. The reason for this can be attributed to the fact that almost all popular health journals and magazines recommend the use of olive oil and suggest that it must be included in a healthy diet plan. True. But whether or not it makes you fat or helps you shed pounds is something that needs extensive discussion.

One Tbsp of Olive oil has got 120 calories and 14 gms of fat, almost the same that a tbsp of corn, soybean or canola oil has, and more than what a tbsp of butter (102 calories) or margarine (80 calories) actually contain. And so yes, it has got chances of making you fat if you consume it in the wrong way. For instance, dipping several slices of bread in a bowl of olive oil is a guaranteed ticket to weight gain while drizzling a few drops over a bowl of salad is definitely not.

Although available in 4 broad varieties, namely, Virgin Olive Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Pure Olive Oil and Extra Light Olive Oil, food experts recommend the use of Extra Virgin Olive Oil above others and advise you to oversee the rest. The best nutrient value is arrested in this and can prove to be an excellent choice if healthy eating is your goal.

The health benefits of olive oil far outweigh the calorific density of it and the FDA recommends that 2 tbsp of olive oil included in a healthy diet plan can definitely boost your health quotient to a favorable level rather than making you fat. Check out the benefits -

· Olive oil has a high density of monounsaturated fats which prevent arteries from getting clogged, reduces bad LDL levels of cholesterol and improves cardiovascular health.

· Olive oil is also saturated with polyphenols - a chemical compound which has got anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties and is excellent for preventing cell damage.

· It has also got a high amount of Omega-3 compounds and essential fatty acids - the combination of which can be super effective for metabolizing fat. So if you consume it in the right way, you can actually lose weight rather than gaining it.

To gain only health benefits and not weight use olive oil-

· As a salad drizzle

· A grilled chicken coating

· In your breakfast food

· As a dressing for your bowl of steamed veggies

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