Does resveratrol make you lose weight?

Resveratrol has been found to be effective in helping people lose weight. There has been considerable research done on the topic and it has been concluded that it can be one of the many options available to people who wish to burn calories. The rate of metabolism increases with resveratrol and hence, it is helpful.

This substance can be found in red wine, grapes and grape juice. For people who do not consume alcohol, grapes are the alternative for resveratrol. There are also many supplements for the same available in the market which also act as anti aging agents apart from the former advantage. If consumed in combination with regular exercises, this can help in losing weight.

Red wine, which is the main source of resveratrol, contains flavonoids from red grapes. Since alcohol is not good for your health, supplements like pills are very effective. Flavonoids act on the body in reducing anti oxidants and have nutrients in them as well. They also prevent some age related degenerative diseases which help you look younger. They produce some natural enzymes in the body which fight diseases.

The other important factor is that resveratrol represses estrogen. This can result in fat loss and increase the muscle mass. The substance also helps combat diabetes and insulin resistance. These are very effective features if you wish to lose weight. Resveratrol helps in activating the SiRT1 gene in human beings. This gene triggers a fight response in the cells. A diet which has fewer calories makes the SiRT1 gene to break down the stored fat and increase the energy levels.

Red wine is largely produced in France. However, the French people, inspite of having a big appetite, are generally healthy and are less prone to heart diseases. Butter is a main ingredient in French cuisine; however, the obesity percentage is still low. Since they drink red wine while eating, resveratrol has been the major contributor in keeping them healthy.

Eating food which is high in fat content like junk food has become a way of our lives. We are too busy to check the affects of these on our health and only realize when it is too late. Resveratrol contains natural fat burners in it, which helps in reduction of unwanted fat in our bodies. It is always advisable to seek the advice of a physician before trying out any supplements.

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