Does rice make you lose weight?

Rice is a very popular staple in many parts of the globe and a huge part of the world population consume rice daily on a regular basis. Fluffy and tempting as it may look, rice however has often been condemned as a food loaded with carbohydrate and a confirmed weight gaining fare. Recent studies however reveal something different. Researchers have found out that as compared to other starchy foods like potatoes and pastas, rice contains less of calories and can be successfully included into a weight loss diet plan, if the serving portion and the accompaniments are controlled during consumption.

Many readers would be surprised to know that there are almost 40,000 varieties of harvested rice in the world, the 2 most popular ones being-

White Rice (1 cup of cooked portion contains 240 calories, 5 gms protein, 53 gm carbohydrate. 0.5 gm fiber and 0.5 gm fat)

Brown rice ( 1 cup cooked portion contains 220 calories, 4.5 gms protein, 46 gm carbohydrate, 3.5 gm fiber, 1.5 gms fat)

Contrary to what most weight watchers believe, rice can make one lose weight. Every good dietician will tell you that carbohydrate is the primary source of energy and must necessarily be made a part of a balanced diet. A no-carb diet can actually leave you with nutrient deficiencies, unhealthy diseases and low levels of energy. And so if you love rice, go ahead and indulge in it for your daily requirement of carbs but just make sure that you don't overdo it - control your portion size, include more of veggies, lean meat, whole grains and fruits in your diet plan and see how your weight takes a dip. And yes, make sure that you include some exercise into your daily routine too. The bottom line of any weight loss plan is - 'Expend more calories than you consume' and as long as you maintain that, you can eat almost anything that you want.

Health experts however always recommend the brown variety over its white counterpart when you eat rice. The reason for this is the fact that white rice undergoes extensive refinement for superior taste but in the process loses much of its nutritional value (low in vitamin, thiamine, Vitamin B6, Iron and magnesium) and fiber. Brown rice, on the other hand is a clear winner in this field, since it contains more of fiber (can keep you fuller for longer), and is an excellent source of minerals like selenium, manganese and Vitamin B6 and E. Being low in GI, it can help control spikes in blood sugar, keep cravings at bay and help you lose weight permanently.

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