Does sucralose or splenda cause weight gain?

The number of health conscious people has increased tremendously in the US and they are paying a lot of attention to what they eat and drink. Though this is good, there are a lot of disadvantages too. People are looking for alternatives to sugar, salt and food products that cause weight gain. Sugar substitutes especially can be very dangerous and they are the hottest topics of discussion everywhere.

Artificial sweeteners are manufactured by companies and these sweeteners replace common table sugar. Splenda is one sugar alternative that has become popular all of a sudden and the demand is huge. But Splenda is found to do a lot of bad than good to the human body. There are many health risks associated with this sugar alternative and the most alarming thing of all is that, Splenda causes weight gain.

Though many people brushed off the fact that Splenda causes increase in the weight of a person, it is actually true and Sucralose is the main culprit. Sucralose is used in making Splenda and it induces hunger in a person and he ends up eating more than what is required. Every time we eat, our body recognizes the sugar content in the food and burns down calories automatically. When Sucralose is taken, which is an artificial sweetener, the body doesn't know that it is sugar and doesn't burn the calories. In a bid to fill up their stomach, people eat more and put on weight subsequently. If you want to cut down weight and stay fit, you must stop taking Splenda and instead stick to the regular sugar but reduce the quantity. That is enough to control your body weight.

Apart from causing weight gain, Splenda also brings a bunch of disadvantages with it. It causes diabetes and stomach ulcers too. This sugar alternative contains chlorine in small amounts and they slowly add up and cause stomach ulcers and cancers too. Since diabetes is one side effect of obesity, people who have extra flab are bound to be diabetic. All this might not happen overnight but over a period of time, you will see the result. Restrict yourself to table sugar and always take less sugar in coffee and fruit juices. That will help and your body too will recognize regular sugar and produce heat to burn the calories.

Stay away from sucralose and lead a healthy life!

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