Does Undereating Cause Weight Gain?

Weight loss is a constant battle for many people around the world. Exercising and cutting back on calories is usually the norm but even though, some people struggle to lose weight. Why is that? If you drastically lower your calorie intake, you're actually undereating and that's not recommended. Anyone on a weight loss routine should not starve themselves because starvation diet has been linked to many negative consequences. While it may bring temporary results, eventually you'll gain weight. Here are two primary reasons:

Slow Metabolism

Your body needs calories to function properly be it exercising, walking, breathing or doing your daily activities, well you simply need calories to live. If you don't feed yourself properly, your metabolism will take a hit and your body will think it won't get food for awhile. This is actually bad for weight loss because when you don't take enough calories in, your body will try to store food and keep every calorie and ounce of fat it possibly can. It's like your body is trying to protect itself for survival. So in the end, you can actually gain more weight by undereating.

Hunger Pangs

Food deprivation can lead to uncontrollable hunger pangs later on. When you body can't take it anymore, you can get really hungry to a point that you'll binge on everything you possibly can. This will contribute to overeating and since your metabolism is already sluggish, it won't be able to process the food and calories effectively for energy leading to more food storage. The end result is more fat stores and weight gain since all the excess calories can't be used as energy.

Many people has the notion that undereating would mean more weight loss but this is only part of the truth. You can actually lose weight fast by eating less without starving yourself but choosing the right foods is crucial. You can still eat low amounts of food but nutrient-dense foods which will keep you energized and keep hunger pangs at bay while revving up your metabolism. So you can still eat less and lose weight normally. The choice of foods is extremely vital on a weight loss regimen. For example, if you replace say a small piece of white bread with a sweet potato, it's a big difference in terms of nutrition. Don't let the number of meals scare you, you can actually eat 4-7 small meals everyday. Just snacking on an apple, having a bowl of cottage cheese, savouring a greek yogurt, eating a piece of fish with some veggies, or eating a handful of nuts can be considered a meal in itself. A meal doesn't need to be big or fancy. Get the nutrients in and eating will become more fun than a chore.

There is no need to undereat till a point you're doing your body more harm than good in the hope of losing weight as this is not natural. Eat normally, choose the right foods, exercise and you'll lose weight quickly and healthily. Good luck.

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