Does white bread make you fat?

A loaf of white bread can be considered as the staple food of almost all of Europe and America, and has started to show up consistently in the meals or snacks for even those who belong to the Asian subcontinent. The reason behind the popularity of white bread as a choice for a meal is very evident - its easily available, simple to cook, and is quite a cost effective way to satisfy one appetite. The reliance on white bread penetrates too deep into the daily lifestyle of a person - white bread toast with jam calls for an easy breakfast, a quick deli for the afternoon lunch, a sandwich in the evening, and then when one reaches home too tired after work, lo, its pizza! If you are one of those who depend on white bread for every meal throughout the day, and think whether white bread makes you gain weight and become fat, here is your answer - yes it does!

Several studies done on the consumption of white bread and its effects concur that its daily consumption does add quickly to one's waistline and circumference, owing to its glycemic nature. White bread is made from refined flour, which means that the flour was stripped off all its natural goodness, like the husk content and the dietary fiber, and thus what remains is a bleached and sterile material from which the white bread is baked. Thus when one is eating white bread, he or she is filling their tummy with something that has a lot of calorie and starch content, but nothing nutritional. What is more, the heavy starch contains lots of LDL, or bad cholesterol, that blocks the arteries, thus making one prone to cardiovascular diseases and other problematic conditions like diabetes and obesity.

Thus it is better to reach out for better and healthier alternatives like brown bread or wholegrain bread, than to pack pounds by consumption of white bread. Whole wheat, sourdough, pita, mountain bread or wholegrain wheat bread have lower cholesterol and carbohydrates, and are also enriched with fiber and other essential nutrients, and thus it is a good idea to switch over to these breads which are more wholesome and go easy over the pounds. These breads have a lower Glycemic Index (GI) than the white bread, which means that these release sugar slowly into the body, thus making you feel full and sated for a long time, and preventing you from gaining any unnecessary pounds.

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