Does yeast make you gain weight?

Is the excess flab in your body disturbing you? Are you worried about belly fat? Before you hit the gym, watch out what you are eating. Yeast products make you gain weight within a very short time and you are bound to become shapeless. There are millions of people who are obese and the culprit behind a majority of people is wheat. Since wheat products are a staple diet in many countries, there is no way you can escape from consuming them. Yeast cells have the ability to retain fluids in the cells and the toxins in the tissues too and this eventually turns into cellulite in the body. Moreover, these cells can also cause abdominal bloating and if you suddenly start taking wheat products, you are bound to gain weight.

Studies also indicate that yeast cells cause thyroid gland malfunction and the metabolism in the body slows down. Hormones in the body are responsible for proper metabolism and if the hormones are blocked, they can lead to weight gain. Many people have a strong craving for sugary foods and they just cannot control their eating habits. What many of us do not know is that, the yeast cells crave for their favorite food and that attracts the person towards sweet items and no amount of will power can stop this. A combination of carbohydrates and sugar can induce yeast cell growth in the body and the person gains weight automatically.

The immune system of the person who consumes a lot of yeast usually weakens day-by-day. The toxic overload in the body is not handled effectively by the immune system and adrenal glands undergo a lot of stress. This leads to a heavy increase in the cortisol levels of the body and the sad part is that these cortical levels cause weight gain in people. The entire cycle takes place within a short span of time and you will immediately see an increase in your weight and flab is seen around the belly, thighs and the hips.

The best way to beat weight gain caused by yeast cells is to avoid taking wheat products, fermented food items and sugary foods. Having a control on what you eat is important and you must include garlic, oregano oil and grapefruits in your diet. They act as antifungal supplements and help in reducing the yeast cell accumulation.

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