Drinking Water and Weight Loss

Water is free and easily accessible. Most people takewater for granted and only drink when thirsty and usually that is not enough for their daily bodily requirements. Did you know that drinking water and weight loss go hand-in-hand? I don't know of a weight-loss plan that does not include water and there's a reason behind this thinking.

Intake of fluids, specifically water, while exercising decreases cardiovascular stress and improves your ability to exercise. Once you are finished working out, it's time to get something to drink to replace the water you have sweated off. I know Gatorade may sound good, but good old water is the best thing for your body. Water also keeps the body temperature at regular levels and reduces chances of overheating while exercising.

Water contributes to joint lubrication which in turn helps reduce the instances of injuries while exercising. Water also helps keep the digestive system moving in ridding the body of toxic wastes and buildup of chemical processes of the body that take place doing daily living and from exercise.

Water is the best choice for consumption because it is free of calories and extra substances that the body needs to filter out. Juice for example contains sugar which should be minimized while trying to lose weight. Coffee drinks are full of caffeine and act as a diuretic which strips the body of water. Soda pop can also be full of caffeine, sugar, sugar substitutes, chemical dyes, and carbonation. These ingredients can hinder the weight loss process and cause undue stress on the body.

The Liver

The purpose of your kidneys is to filter the blood and blood is made of water. When the kidneys do not function well, the liver acts as a backup and helps filter out toxins in the body. One of the functions of the liver is to help burn fat. If you don't consume enough water your kidneys will not function correctly and the liver will focus on filtering toxins instead of its fat burning duties. If you do not take in enough water your kidneys will not be able to function properly which in turn will greatly affect how much fat you burn on a daily basis. It's important that you drink enough water to keep the fat burning process going. This explains why you see people who are trying to lose weight carrying water bottles around all day. Drinking water is just that important.

Do Water Alternatives Work?

Drinking juice is great and juice can fill you up just like water can, but it also contains sugar which can hinder the fat burning process. I know juice is natural, but it also has calories and can add to your overall daily calorie intake. I would rather drink water which is free of calories instead of drinking high calorie juice which will in turn eat up my calorie allotment for the day while on a diet. Diet sodas have aspartame or saccharine in them which are artificial substances that can affect the weight loss process. Just because a drink is diet does not mean that you can drink them in excess and to your heart's content. There are always drawbacks from drinking too much soda.

Drinking water and weight loss goals are some things that are part of a strict regimen that must be adhered to in order to lose weight safely and effectively. Water is a free resource that can be obtained from the tap and is a natural calorie free alternative to juice and diet sodas.

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