Gastric Bypass Weight Loss

Millions of people in America have become frustrated with trying to lose weight using methods such as maple syrup diets, boot camp fitness methods, fasting, cleansing, and doing everything under the sun to lose the extra pounds. Out of desperation, some people have sought out dangerous methods of weight loss such as starvation and dangerously low calorie intake with profuse exercise. There are some that meet their goals by using these methods but find themselves back to square one after a few months with more weight packed on as reminder of their failure. Gastric bypass weight loss procedures have become very popular with celebrities and housewives alike due to its quick results and long-term longevity.

How many times have we seen celebrities disappear from view of the paparazzi for a year and return looking like new individuals, most of the time unrecognizable? People like Star Jones, Al Rocker and Rosanne Barr are just a handful of popular stars that have gone under the knife to lose weight. Not all of them admitted it, but gastric bypass was their top choice when it came time to lose the pounds. These individuals had all tried weight loss methods before and were just not able to do it on their own, so they sought the assistance of a physician to meet their weight loss goals.

Doctors who specialize in weight loss are called bariatric specialists. Obtaining a gastric bypass is not just a matter of showing up at a hospital and jumping on the table, there has to be a lot of work put in before the actual surgical procedure takes place. First of all, a consult with a physician is necessary to ensure that you are healthy enough for the surgery. Past medical history and prior weight loss efforts should be documented so your physician can know your entire medical history. A physical exam that includes a baseline weight, blood pressure, and blood work are needed to track the progress of health during the weight loss process.

Gastric bypass weight loss is not without risk. There have been documented cases in which individuals have died while undergoing the procedure. No surgery is without risk, therefore; the pros and cons of using this procedure must be done before proceeding further. Those who are morbidly obese are at high risk of heart disease, stroke, heart attacks, and various forms of cancer. This puts the importance of weight loss at the top of the list versus operative risks. Consult your doctor if you would like to discuss the specifics of this procedure.

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