Are Goji Berries Good For Losing Weight?

Goji berries have been touted as one of the superfoods of modern times. These bright red fruits also known as wolfberries are native to China, Tibet and Mongolia. Nowadays goji berries can be found in a lot of countries apart Asia. People who like to lose weight the natural way with proper exercising and nutrition can consider goji berries in their diet due to their powerhouse of nutrients. Here are a few reasons why goji berries are good for losing weight:

High in protein

Goji berries are high in protein and protein is vital for anyone on a weight loss diet. Protein builds muscle and although the protein in goji berries is plant-based, it still helps in the muscle development process. Having more muscle mass definitely speed up your metabolism which in turn helps in the fat burning process. 1 ounce of goji berries(28 grams) contain 3 grams of protein.

High in dietary fiber

Dietary fiber is important in any weight loss diet. It slows down digestion, keeps you satiated and keeps hunger pangs at bay, hence it prevents unnecessary snacking and binging which can lead to unwanted calories. Dietary fiber also regulates proper bowel activity and easy stool release, thus preventing constipation which can be counterproductive for weight loss. 1 ounce of goji berries(28 grams) contain 2 grams of dietary fiber.

Low in calories

Goji berries are nutrient-dense but yet low in calories. 1 ounce of goji berries(28 grams) contain only 23 calories. When you are trying to lose weight, it's best to stick with foods which are rich in nutrients but don't pack too many calories.

Low glycemic index(GI)

Foods which have a low glycemic index value means they digest slow and take time to get converted to glucose(also known as blood sugar) and used as energy thereafter. What this means is your body will get a sustained release of energy making you less prone to fat storage. When your diet consists mainly of foods with a high GI, you are more susceptible to build fat tissues. Goji berries rank rather low in the GI ladder at a score of only 29.

Perfect tonic

Consuming goji berries regularly can contribute to better results with your exercise routine thus enabling you to lose weight faster. In herbal medicine, goji berries are also known as adaptogens. An adaptogen is simply a natural substance which can aid your body adapt to stress much more effectively, in other words, it's a perfect tonic. Goji berries have the ability to boost your body's immune system and increase resistance levels, hence you'll be able to prolong your exercising and burn more fat for more weight loss results.

Goji berries are also a good source of vital nutrients like calcium, thiamin, iron, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin C, riboflavin, potassium, chromium, copper and selenium which are all essential for your weight loss journey.

The most popular way to buy goji berries is in its dried form and some of the ways you can consume them is boiling them in soup or eat them with hot quinoa or oatmeal.

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