High Intensity Interval Training For Fat Loss

More and more people are following a fitness exercise routine nowadays. Health issues associated with a sedentary lifestyle are on the rise and people with excess belly fat are looking for ways how to get a flat stomach. As such, gym memberships have soared and more people are walking and running in the park as well. For the gym fanatics, treadmills, elliptical trainers, stationary bikes and treadclimbers are the most used fat-burning machines. Working out regularly is key for fat loss but there are different approaches in exercising some more effective than the others and requiring less time as well.

Most people at the gym usually perform long boring sessions of cardio workout which can last for 60-120 minutes. This exercise strategy is the most common and it works but did you know you can achieve better results in less time. This might come as a shocker but no, it's really possible. Here am talking about high-intensity interval training(HIIT).

High-intensity interval training is becoming more and more popular due to its amazing fat loss benefits. A HIIT workout requires less time than a normal cardio workout. Using the HIIT method approach incorporated in your normal cardio routine will accelerate your results and reduce your time spent at the gym or in the park. Yes HIIT can be used anywhere and in different types of workout as well. You just need to make a few changes to your exercise patterns. Here are some tips:

(1) Instead of running on the treadmill for 60-120 minutes at a slow-medium pace, start running at a fast pace for 5 minutes, then switch to medium pace for another 3 minutes and to slow pace for another 2 minutes. Then start again for a total of 3-4 sessions and a total of 30-40 fat-blasting minutes. You'll be knackered after.

Of course, you'll need to adjust the treadmill speed mode for each speed session. For added difficulty, try the incline mode. HIIT is basically adopting the "switch back and forth" training mode. Some people prefer to rest for 1-2 minutes after the initial 5 minutes of strenuous running then resume with another fast-paced session immediately. That's an alternative.

If you don't have access to a treadmill, no problem. Just run in the park but follow the same above exercise tactics.

Important: It's advised that you warm up first for 2 minutes by running at a slow pace before starting the HIIT.

(2) HIIT is not only limited to cardio training but can also be applied to muscle-building exercises like bodyweight training and weightlifting. Heard of push-ups, pull-ups, chin-ups, dips, squats, bent-over rows, lat pull-downs deadlifts, bench press, military press, bicep curls and tricep extension? Apart building muscles, these exercises will also promote fat loss provided you perform them intensely.

You should limit the rest time in between sets to about 15-20 seconds and perform between 3-5 sets per exercise. Keep the repetitions at 8-12 mostly for weights with moderate-heavy poundage. For bodyweight, the repetitions vary. You can also bypass rest time provided you perform another exercise immediately a bit like supersets. Supersets are best used for opposite muscle groups. For example if you just did 20 push-ups(chest and triceps), don't rest but immediately do 6-10 pull-ups(back and biceps), then repeat for several sets. Same principle can be applied for weights with bench press and bent-over rows or bicep curls and tricep extension.

High-intensity interval training is gaining recognition in the fitness world as it's a very effective way to build muscle and burn fat fast. Doing HIIT 2-3 times per week will ensure great fat loss results you can be proud of.

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