High Protein Weight Loss Diet

A high protein weight loss diet is often considered to be a diet that yields desired results. For people wanting to lose weight fast, a diet rich in proteins can help aid metabolism and thus expedite fat burning process. To initiate the weight loss program, a diet that is low in fats and carbohydrates is recommended. Although this serves the purpose, in some cases it may backfire. The body tends to crave for more food as with a low carb and low fat diet, the energy levels in the body dip. As a result you start feeling drained and eat food whenever you feel you need energy. This has a reverse effect on the weight loss plan and with increase in the intake, you end up gaining weight.

A high protein weight loss diet on the other hand keeps the energy levels intact in the body and helps you refrain from hunger for a long period of time. Our body needs its fair share of exercise and nutrients everyday to keep functioning at an optimum level. Unfortunately most of us lead a sedentary lifestyle and this slows down the body's metabolic rate. As mentioned earlier a high protein weight loss diet gives the metabolic activity the required boost and in the process makes you feel stronger and healthy from inside.

Now the question is what should feature in a high protein weight loss diet. Proteins are essential for the body to build and replace tissue. The amino acids that make up these proteins are produced by the body but some of the quantity has to be induced from the outside by the kind of food we take. Eggs, milk, sea food, chicken, turkey, beef, fish and cottage cheese are full of proteins and their consumption primarily makes up the protein diet for weight loss.

However some people do not relish sea food, for such people other alternatives comprise of pulses, grams, soya beans, kidney beans, red lentils etc. A special mention goes to soya in this regard because soya is not only a rich source for proteins but it also has lecithin in it. Lecithin is a form a protein that has a very positive influence on the body's metabolic capacity. Not only that, lecithin also has the ability to absorb fatty foods.

One word of caution would be to start the high protein weight loss diet after you consult your nutritionist as for some people with kidney and heart related ailments, this diet may aggravate the condition.

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