Hoodia Weight Loss Pills

Hoodia is an extract that comes from a cactus plant. Hoodia gordonii (its scientific name) was originally found in the continent of Africa and was used for small wound infections and for indigestion. Through study of the African culture, it was also found that the locals used this plant to suppress their appetite while passing through the long miles of desert during hunting trips in the desert. This bit of information stoked the interest of the diet industry and Hoodia weight loss pills were put to the test as a means of weight loss for millions of potential customers.

The active ingredient that gives Hoodia its appetite suppressing powers is called P-57 and was given a patent in 1997. As we know in business, when any product is patented, it means this product is going to be highly marketed, and so Hoodia was brought into the spotlight in a 60 Minutes report in 2004. Before the report on Hoodia, the average sale price for the Hoodia plant in Africa was $18.00 per kilogram and quickly peaked to $250 per kilogram after its reported weight loss properties.

Hoodia became the flavor of the year for weight loss hopefuls waiting to lose pounds quickly. A high demand for Hoodia consumed the weight loss pill industry. This demand became so great that there was a decrease in Hoodia plant availability, so restrictions were placed by the African government on Hoodia. Hoodia can only be sold by certified companies from Africa and have a license to sell raw Hoodia to pharmaceutical companies making pill products. On a side note, many so-called health companies were banking on the popularity of Hoodia stating its miraculous properties in their products, but most were found to contain 0% of Hoodia on laboratory testing. This resulted in a crackdown of Hoodia products and redefined how Hoodia products are marketed.

In the end, Hoodia weight loss pills are still on the market, but pharmaceutical companies have to go through an approved provider to be deemed real Hoodia, thus making it less lucrative for those companies looking for less regulation in overseeing diet products and their sale. Does Hoodia in fact help in weight loss? The jury is still out, but I'm sure there are a lot of African people who will say that it is very effective and are still using it to this day. Try Hoodia today and make your determination on whether it's a great weight loss companion.

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