Hormones and weight gain after pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of mixed emotions. It is probably the single experience that leaves its mark on every aspect of the woman's life after pregnancy. Despite this phase being such a personally gratifying one, it can bring along with it a host of hormonal changes and cause a lot of havoc to the system post pregnancy. The connection between hormones and weight gain after pregnancy is of particular interest to this discussion as this is an issue that many women are attempting to battle out.

Hormones responsible for weight changes post pregnancy:

Weight gain after pregnancy is a normal occurrence as the woman's body has gone through various hormonal changes during the pregnancy period and is now dealing with the reactions of all these hormones. The levels of hormones such as Estrogen, Progesterone and Androgens fluctuate a lot after pregnancy and this causes weight gain in some people. Thyroid is another hormone which is responsible for weight gain post pregnancy.

It is estimated that Post Partum, about 5%-7% suffer from Post Partum Thyroiditis. Conditions such as Hypo Thyroidism result in women gaining weight rapidly. These conditions also result in other problems such as loss of voice quality, puffy face, and inflammation of limbs and so on. It is important to go through appropriate diagnosis to identify such issues and treat them in a timely manner.

Symptoms of changes due to hormones causing weight gain after pregnancy:

· Nervousness and severe mood swings
· Rapid heartbeat even when not physically active
· Fatigue and increased sensitivity
· Post partum depression- that is Severe to moderate depression that lasts for couple of hours or extends up to a couple of days
· Swelling of limbs without any strain or physical damage

Ways to deal with hormones and weight gain after pregnancy:

It is important to treat the weight gain after pregnancy immediately as allowing it to go untreated may cause lasting damage to the health of the woman. Here are a few ways to deal with the weight gain owing to hormonal changes post pregnancy:

· Staying positive and keeping away from emotional triggers
· Regular breast feeding of the baby
· Intake of proper medication in consultation with general physician and the gynecologist
· Regular but moderate exercise
· Supervised diet regimen
· Adequate intake of water

These methods should help settle the weight gain owing to hormones and allow the post pregnancy period to be a peaceful one.

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