How Many People In America Are Obese

There is a concern in the nation about how many people in America are obese. You may ask why is this a concern; well this article is going to explain why you as well as the nation should be concerned with this topic.

A new study by the Department of Health and Human Resources revealed that 64% of people in America are overweight or obese. Being overweight is defined as being 20% to 30% of the body mass index. Being obese is defined as being 31% or more of the body mass index. The body mass index is based on calculating a person's height to weight ratio to calculate how much fat a person is carrying on their body. If this is true, then it means more than half of Americans are carrying around too much weight on their bodies and are at risk for long term disease effects.

Have you ever tried to get health insurance when you are sick? Well it's very hard to do and sometimes impossible. Individuals who are sick drive up costs of medical care for the rest of individuals on the plan. This affects both fit individuals and those with less than stellar health statistics. For the good of the many, weight loss is encouraged for all applying for and obtaining health benefit plans. Life insurance is the same issue. Getting coverage with risk factors such as obesity, diabetes, and heart risk factors is next to impossible due to the risk that having to cash out those policies is much greater in individuals with greater risks.

Next, let's talk about national security. If you were in the trenches with a soldier who was not fit as well as one who was fit, who would you like to carry you over his back if you were shot in the leg? Your answer would probably be the fit guy. The likelihood of being qualified for the armed forces decreases with each pound over the BMI a person goes. The military requires fit individuals for service and it is becoming harder every year to find young men and women who fit the bill. Our school systems have in some cases cut physical education programs from their curriculums and are focused on just reading, writing and arithmetic.

It is crucial that America gets back to exercise and healthy eating if it is to compete with other developed nations of the world. It is a shame to see just how many people in America are obese, but there is hope if we put in hard work and change our habits.

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