How To Build Muscle Without Weights At Home

Nowadays, with all the high-tech home gyms out there, many muscle-building enthusiasts are investing hefty amounts of money to own one. But do you really need one in order to build muscle at home? Of course not. The truth is you don't need weights or any major investment to build muscle. Muscles are worked through a process known as resistance training which is basically muscular contraction through some sort of exertion, so whether it's with weights or without, you are still working your muscles.

Why spend money on building muscle when you can do so at home for free? If you want to learn how to build muscle without weights at home, it's time to learn the ins and outs of bodyweight training. You'll be amazed by the sheer amount of exercises you can perform with your own body weight. I believe your own body is the most versatile home gym as you can train wherever you are since you don't really need access to any fancy equipment. Here are 4 powerful exercises you can do without weights at home.


Push-ups are powerful compound exercises as they work several muscle groups at a time like pectorals, triceps, deltoids and abdominal core. They are great chest builders and I can tell you if you perform push-ups regularly, you'll build an impressive chest with time. There are several push-ups variations you can use in order to target different areas of your chest. So if you want a finely chiseled chest, you will need to vary the push-ups exercises instead of doing only the standard push-up. Standard push-ups work mostly the middle chest and to some extent the lower chest but if you want to target the upper chest, you can perform the declined push-ups. With your feet elevated on a chair and hands on the floor, perform 3 sets of 10-15 repeats. This push-up variation is harder and you're using gravity to make the push-up more difficult. The taller the chair, the harder the exercise. You're also putting more stress on your triceps and deltoids in doing so.

There is also push-ups between chairs which targets the outer chest. This exercise uses three chairs. Two chairs spaced apart about 2 feet for your hands and one chair for your feet such that your body is elevated above the ground. By using the chair technique, you can go further down for your push-ups which give your outer chest a good stretch and workout. There are several other variations of push-ups but these exercises above can get you started right away.


Pull-ups just like push-ups are awesome compound exercises and they target the lats, the back, the biceps, the forearms and the deltoids. They are also good at building strength. The only thing you'll need is a bar you can hang from whether it's a pull-up bar or any bar. A pull-up bar is not expensive and you can get one easily fixed at home. If you want an impressive V-Taper, start doing some wide grip pull-ups as they target the upper lats. Pull-ups use a pronated grip meaning palms facing away from you. The bad thing about pull-ups is it's difficult to perform them if you're a novice and you aren't going to get much from this exercise unless you can perform several repeats let alone sets. But don't despair as there is hope. You need to start slowly and keep at it everyday.

Try some negative pull-ups, that is to lower your body slowly when going down from the bar. This is to ensure you build some strength in your arms. When you master the negative pull-ups, you will be able to perform a decent amount of pull-ups with time. There are also the close grip pull-ups which targets the lower lats and rhomboids(middle back) among others. Chin-ups are another variation of pull-ups but they use a supinated grip meaning palms facing you. The close grip chin-ups is more common than the wide grip and similarly to close grip pull-ups, they work the same muscle groups but can lay more emphasis on the biceps such that this exercise can be used as a great biceps builder alone. Once you can perform 2-4 sets of 6-10 repeats, you can have a great pull-up/chin-up workout.


Dips are great triceps builders. If you don't have the dips station at home, no worries. You can still use a solid square chair or a bench. Keep your back straight and your hands behind your back on the chair. Slowly lower your body till your elbows make 90 degrees and slowly raise your body back to initial position. Try 2-4 sets of 10-15 repeats. If you lean your body forward a bit, you put more stress on the lower chest.


Squats are not only a great quadriceps exercise but they also work many other muscle groups like calves, glutes, lower back and hamstrings. Overall squats are indeed a powerful leg builder and you don't need weights at all to get the most out of it as just your own body weight will do. Try 4-5 sets of 25 repeats and I can tell you that this workout will set your legs on fire. Keep your back straight at all times and feet spaced apart by about 1 foot. Slowly lower your body till your knees are bent around 90 degrees and slowly raise your body back to initial position.

These 4 exercises alone can give you practically a full body workout since they are compound movements and solicit several muscle groups at a time. Training 3 times per week can give you great results you can be proud of. Building muscle without weights at home is not only for muscle-building adherents but can also be used for people on a weight loss journey as well.

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