Is Balsamic Vinegar Good for Weight Loss?

Balsamic vinegar is highly valued the world over. In fact a bottle containing the original vinegar can be a very expensive proposition. However, you can also buy balsamic vinegar at affordable prices from your neighborhood supermarkets. Balsamic vinegar is great if you are looking to lose some weight. When you use this liquid properly, it can be a wonderful aid that can help you achieve weight loss quickly.

The original balsamic vinegars are made of Trebbinado grapes and then crushed and boiled till there is only half the original volume of grapes. These grapes are then put in oak barrels and allowed to age for about twelve years. You will find this kind of vinegar only in Italy whereas the ones that you find at the supermarkets are produced by sweetening and concentrating red wine vinegars. Hence, you find such a huge variance in the price. The balsamic vinegar produced in Italy costs approximately $ 200 per bottle whereas the supermarket variety is available for just $ 14 per bottle. Check out the various brands and see what suits you most.

Balsamic vinegar helps you lose weight quickly since it does contain too many calories. Take for instance one tablespoon of balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing. It contains only 43 calories when compared to other creamy salad dressings that contain double of what balsamic vinegar contains.

In fact, balsamic vinegar also helps you lose weight by enabling you to stay full. The vinegar contains acetic acid that helps in slowing down the passage of food from your stomach to the intestines, thereby getting rid of your hunger. According to some experts, when balsamic vinegar is consumed with carbohydrates it keeps the blood sugar levels from shooting up, thereby preventing sugar crashing later.

Balsamic vinegar is a very versatile ingredient that can be used to make salad dressings. At the same time you can also use it for other recipes as well. One reason why balsamic vinegar is preferred by many people is because it also adds to the taste. Roast some tomatoes in balsamic vinegar along with basil and leeks and use it for your pizzas / pasta and also use it for topping your whole grain bread. You will just love it.

Finally, balsamic vinegar does assist in the weight loss program but it is definitely not a magic product that can do miracles with your weight loss effort. Remember, weight loss happens only when your body consumes less number of calories than what your body needs to sustain itself.

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