Is Breadfruit Fattening?

Breadfruit belongs to the Mulberry family, Moraceae and is grown and harvested in Southeast Asia and most Pacific Ocean islands. Breadfruit is a tropical fruit and native to Polynesia. About 3500 years ago, the Polynesian ancestors discovered the trees growing in northwest New Guinea. The mayans call it masapan. Breadfruit has a bread-like texture hence its name. Its flesh is yellow-green or yellow-brown, soft, starchy, creamy and sweet.

In many tropical regions, breadfruit is a staple food and is eaten either boiled, steamed, baked, roasted or fried. After breadfruit is cooked, the flesh is a bit like potato or like fresh-baked bread. Some people on a weight loss diet wonder whether breadfruit is fattening or can be added to their diet. First let's check some of the nutritional values of raw breadfruit per 100 grams.

Overall calories - 103
Carbs - 27.12 grams
Protein - 1.07 grams
Water - 70.65 grams
Dietary fiber - 4.9 grams
Fat - 0.23 grams
Potassium - 490 milligrams

Although breadfruit has more calories than its fruit counterparts, it's still not that much so we can't consider it a fattening food. Anyway, eating food in excess is fattening. Remember, you accumulate fat not necessarily by eating a specific food but by consuming excess calories without burning them afterwards. Breadfruit can be used in a weight loss diet as it's healthy, nutritious, nourishing and rich in fiber. As you might already know, fiber is vital for people who want to lose weight. Fiber regulates effective bowel activity and prevents constipation which is nefarious for weight loss. Fiber also keeps cravings, binging and hunger pangs at bay as it's slow-digesting and filling, hence you don't need to eat a lot to feel satiated. So that will keep the calorie count low. In addition, since fiber delays the digestion process, your metabolism will speed up and a faster metabolism has been proven to burn fat more effectively.

The high potassium content of breadfruit is essential for people who exercise regularly. Potassium is an electrolyte and the latter is a mineral that has an electrical charge and is dissolved in water. When we exercise, we lose electrolytes in our sweat notably potassium and sodium. These lost electrolytes must be replaced. Potassium can also prevent muscle cramping and is effective for maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system and a proper function of our cells and organs. And with its high water content, breadfruit can keep your body hydrated.

Since breadfruit has a good amount of starchy carbs and potassium, some people eat it post-workout to replenish their glycogen stores(energy stores) and to replace lost electrolytes. So it can be a great food post-workout.

Don't ask yourself the question "is breadfruit fattening?" anymore. You can eat a few slices of breadfruit everyday without feeling guilty.

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