Is cabbage good for weight loss?

Yes! Cabbage is good for weight loss. Of all foods that people recommend for a weight loss program, cabbage tops the charts of all diets. There is no diet that restricts intake of cabbage in any quantity owing to its wonderful qualities that aid weight loss. There are various types of diets that can be worked around cabbage such as the cabbage soup diet which works wonders in weight loss within 7 days. Cabbage not only aids weight loss but also assists the body to get rid of all the toxins that are accumulated and gives it the essential nutrients to deal with weight loss.

What cabbage contains:

Cabbage is a green leafy vegetable that contains nutrients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Phytonutrients, Lactic Acid and the powerful antioxidant Anthocyanin. These nutrients assist the body to lose weight consistently and in a sustained manner, they also play a vital role in maintaining body tissues and repairing damaged cells of the skin, hair roots, spleen and pancreas. This vegetable also helps in fighting risks such as type 2 and 3 diabetes, obesity, hypertension and insulin problems.

Other benefits of a cabbage based diet plan:

There are various other benefits of using cabbage as an integral part of a diet plan apart from just weight loss. Some of the other benefits are:

· Cures peptic ulcers
· Fights gastric and intestinal disorders
· Improves skin tone
· Fights Alzheimer's
· Fights hair fall and hair loss issues
· Assists lactating women
· Prevents wrinkles and cancer causing elements on the skin

How to take cabbage to achieve weight loss goals:

One can enjoy the unlimited benefits of cabbage irrespective of which form it is taken in. Whether cabbage is used as a base of a salad, juice or as cabbage soup the benefits still remain. One can take 20-25 ml of fresh, raw cabbage juice everyday or one could also eat cabbage soup as the main course of each meal. Soup can be prepared by allowing the cabbage to be half cooked for about 10-12 minutes (still a bit crisp on the outside) and adding salt and pepper to the preparation. One can have as much soup or juice in a day. However, it is best had with each meal. Red cabbage, Savoy cabbage, bok-choy or any cabbage variety offers all the benefits of cabbage mentioned herein.

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